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Scarred Hand - Bodyblocking Traps

AnteroAntero Member Posts: 33

I haven't played against a bodyblocking Hag in the while, but run into an issue that sneaking through Hag's traps was impossible. I reread the description of addons a couple of times, and played a bit of Hag myself and only the Phantasms should have a bodyblocking effect not the not activated traps.

In a thin doorways and places like that You cannot sneak past them and move on with crouch activated, and also vaulting a window is also impossible with trap under the window. Everything happens with traps NOT ACTIVATED, and without Hag Phantasm appearing.

I just retested it on kyf and work exacly the same with Scarred Hand and Waterlogged Shoe. Tested only with these 2 together not other combinations.

Again phantasm when they appear they bodyblock normally, but I don't think the traps themself should block the survivors not triggered.

Best Wishes



  • Sleep_MercSleep_Merc Member Posts: 10

    I ran into a Hag on Lerys that would hook in a room then use the traps to block the door so the survivor couldn't be unhooked unless we burned the trap or sprung it

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