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Chapter Concept: Bloodied Souls Chapter (Feedback welcome)

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Chapter: Bloodied Souls

Killer: The Vampire

Raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to provide for herself and her son, Henry Collins was a sad and lonely child. He passed through his school years in a stressful home, but the love his mother felt for him kept him going. Disaster struck, however, when his mother was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was only 13. Everyday after school, he would come home to find his mother in a poorer state. The chemotherapy left Henry’s mother weak and tired. The sight of his mother’s constant pain and diminishing health agonised Henry. She died on his sixteenth birthday. 

This awakened a desire to help within Henry. He devoted his time to working hard and studying, in order to become a doctor so that other families wouldn’t have to suffer the way his had. As luck would have it, some unknown second uncle passed away, leaving Henry a sizeable amount of money. With a wealth of money and resources now at his disposal, Henry became consumed with his own private studies. He was particularly interested in blood, its properties and how to treat its many diseases. As his own investigations began to take up all of his time, he dropped out of medical school. He became determined to cure the most common blood disorders, but needed material for his tests. 

He hired sketchy people to steal blood from hospitals, for use in his experiments. As his work consumed him, he became irritated and erratic, pushing away his small amount of friends and becoming isolated, except for the men he hired to acquire his “test material”

Henry lived alone in his large cottage, contacting nobody for almost an entire year. The truth about what had happened to Henry Collins was only revealed when the electricity company sent workers to his house, after his money ran out and his bill wasn’t being paid. As they entered the house, they saw what looked like crimson liquid smeared across the walls. The horror show became worse however, as a handful of missing people were found in Henry’s home, dismembered, their body parts cut open and their blood drained. Disgusting, rotten human meat was found strewn about Henry’s kitchen, chopped and diced, and pint glasses filled with various blood types were found arranged in his fridge. The words “good blood recipes” were written on dozens of pages of his notebook, as well as a list of blood types and the taste of each. 

No one ever heard from Henry Collins again, but rumours surfaced of a crazed man wandering the motels and alleys of various towns and cities, who would drink the blood of his victims and savour some of their meat before moving on. The hunt of easy prey tired Henry, and a deep hunger began to draw him to the woods. As he reached a dark, gloomy forest, a voice spoke to him. It promised him all the blood he could ever want, and all it asked in return were sacrifices. He set after his new prey, wishing to taste the blood not of weak people, but of true survivors.


Hex: Demons eyes – Through effigies of the Entity your soul sees. The auras of any survivors within a 7/8/10 metre radius of any dull totem is shown to you. 

Snowball – For every Great skill check completed, reduce that survivors action speed by 3%, and decrease action speed by 1% for every good skill check. Reduces the chance of skill checks appearing by 30/25/20%

Entities Curse – Wounding your prey impresses the Entity, granting you a reward. Every time you hit a survivor, you gain a token. When you have 4 tokens, the next survivor to attempt to rescue a fellow survivor from the hook will be attacked by the Entity, applying one random negative status effect to both survivors for 60 seconds. When the Entity curses a pair of survivors, 4/3/2 tokens are used up.


Weapon: Meat Cleaver 

The Meat Cleaver is a primary weapon for The Vampire. A sharp, rectangular bladed knife made to cut meat, it is used by The Vampire to kill then dismember his victims to be prepared for eating.

Power: Bloodwire Traps

 Strange, makeshift strips of wire with modified needles strapped to them. The Vampire can use the Bloodwire Traps to collect blood samples from survivors who step on them. 

• The Vampire is given 8 Bloodwire Traps at the beginning of the trial, and can pick up his Traps after they’ve been placed.

• When a survivor steps on one of the Bloodwire Traps they scream out, alerting the killer to their location and leaving one sample within that trap (this doesn’t injure survivors).

• The Vampire can collect and “consume” samples, but must go to The triggered Traps to get the blood samples.

• Once The Vampire collects four blood samples, he enters Hungering Rage, which lasts 60 seconds. While in Hungering Rage, The Vampires terror radius is decreased by 8 metres. The Vampire can see the auras of all survivors for the first 30 seconds. He also has a 10% movement speed increase, 40% breaking speed increase and the successful attack animation is faster by 30%.

• However, while in Hungering Rage, The Vampire suffers from a 25% increase in stun and blind penalties and the missed attack Penalty is increased by 20%. 

• Survivors can sabotage The Vampires Bloodwire Traps, which doesn’t alert him, however they return to normal after 50 seconds

• After the survivor gives a Bloodwire Trap a blood sample, they cannot trigger another Bloodwire Trap for 30 seconds.

• The Vampire screams out when entering Hungering Rage, alerting survivors that it has begun


Common: Coiled Wire- Slightly decreases setting time of Bloodwire Traps

         Pumped Needles- Slightly decreases sample harvest time

         Small Pins- Slightly increases Bloodwire Trap sabotage time

         Muddy Spikes- Slightly darkens Bloodwire Traps

Uncommon: Flexible Metals- Moderately decreases Trap setting time 

           Sharp Needles- Traps cause the haemorrhage effect for 25 seconds

           Drip Feed- Moderately decreases sample harvest time

           Burnt Wire- Moderately darkens Bloodwire Traps

Rare: Tightened Iron- Attempting to sabotage a trap will now trigger it instead

                   Moderately increases Bloodwire Trap setting time

     Dulled Spikes- Survivors aren’t alerted when setting off traps

                 Trap triggered notification delayed for killer by 10 seconds

     Smaller Injector- Hungering Rage requires 6 blood samples instead of 4

                   Gain 100% bonus bloodpoints for any action within HR

     Nutrient Rich Vial- Moderately increases Hungering Rage (15 seconds)         

     Inky Solution- Considerably darkens Bloodwire Traps 

Very Rare: O positive- Traps give Survivors a 10% movement speed penalty for 35 seconds

 Survivors auras are revealed for all of Hungering Rage


 A positive- Hungering Rage begins after 3 blood samples


Ultra Rare: O negative- The Vampire deals double damage in Hungering Rage

                    The Vampires terror radius is increased by 12 metres

                    The Vampires movement speed is decreased to 110%


          AB negative- The Vampires movement speed is increased to 132% in Hungering Rage

 Damaging a generator while Hungering Rage regresses it to 0% (only affects one generator per Hungering Rage)


Additional Information

• 115% movement speed (125% in Hungering Rage)

• Normal attack range and speed (varies in Hungering Rage)

• Normal terror radius

• Killer difficulty: Intermediate (I designed him to function around a power up just like The Shape, except without the overpowered insta down and free Moris that Myers has)

Appearance and Animations

• The Vampire has embraced his persona, wearing a rugged black suit coat with a ragged white shirt underneath. He also wears smart black trousers and shoes. His face is smeared with dried blood, but underneath his skin is grey and his eyes are completely bloodshot. His rough black hair falls down his forehead and he possesses many fang like teeth.

• After a successful hit, The Vampire runs his tongue across the Meat Cleaver and licks some of the blood, shudders and quickly shakes the weapon. 

• The Vampires memento mori: He picks up the survivor by the collar with his left hand, then slowly draws back the Meat Cleaver in his right hand. He stabs the Meat Cleaver into the survivors neck, then cups his right hand to catch the blood spraying from the survivor. He drinks the blood pooled in his cupped hand, shudders with pleasure, then rips his Meat Cleaver out of the survivors neck and drops them.

Survivor: Brad Osborne

Brad was always an outgoing and excitable child, constantly doing outside activities and experiencing nature. Brad loved the calm, peaceful atmosphere of the woods and hills near his home, and would frequent many of the nature trails. Once he reached adulthood, he signed up for a social outreach program, helping teach English to young monks in the mountains of Nepal.

The bus ride was as long as it was beautiful, the soaring height of the mountain was a breathtaking sight for Brad. He arrived at the monastery, a marvellous, temple-like structure which housed around 60 students. The days were long and exhausting, but the unique and inspirational surroundings made the entire experience worthwhile for Brad.

However, everything changed when a monk mysteriously disappeared. Brad and some other staff set out along the mountain ridge, looking for the missing teen. Brad searched far along the steep ridges for the student, until the sky mutated into a heavy storm. Brad sought shelter from the dense rainfall in a tiny, dilapidated cottage used to store spare parts for the monastery. Inside, a horrific sight awaited the 19 year old traveller. 

The missing student, splayed across the floor, drained a milky white and with two large bite marks in his neck. His lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling. The heavy pattern of the rain cut out suddenly, and a thick black fog flooded through the shattered cottage windows. Brad stumbled out the door, throwing up as he did so. His sick did not hit the familiar rocky footing of the mountain however, but instead splattered over muddy earth. Brad looked around in a panic, and found that he was no longer far above the earth, but instead in an unending stretch of woodlands, the dark sky blending with the smoky mist around him. In the distance, he heard the crackle of a small fire, and the distinct thumping of an old generator…


Careless Concussion - You deal a firm blow which leaves foes stunned and reckless. Every time you stun the Killer, the Killers terror radius increases by 2 metres for you. Gain 50/75/100% bonus BP in the Boldness category.

In Memorial – The loss of your allies inspires you to fight on. Every time a survivor is sacrificed, you gain a 25% action speed increase for 25/30/35 seconds. If you are sacrificed first, all survivors gain a 5% movement speed increase for 40 seconds.

Monk Mastery – Your time with the monks has shown you how to resist pain and how to teach others these methods. For every 20 seconds you spend in a chase with the Killer, you gain a token. Each token slows your sacrifice speed on a hook by 15%. You can have a maximum of 2/3/4 tokens. Increases your chance of being the obsession.

Map: Monk Temple

The temple map has large courtyards, with training areas for martial arts training. There are also open walkways with railings that lead around between areas. Some verticality as there are plenty of stairways to upper levels. The map has the aesthetic of a stereotypical monastery, with large curved blue roofs. Outside the map you can see off of the mountain, although the thick fog blocks out the sheer drops of the mountain


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    Damn, very good job! I can see you put a lot of work into this and it looks very interesting! 😁

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