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FPS and mini freezing, PS4 Pro

NoodleNoodle Member Posts: 103

So now that the 2.0.0 update is out I jumped into trying killer first and it's pretty depressing. I start off on Nurse and moved on to Hillbilly, Huntress, Doctor and even Freddy. The FPS is horrible. Constant frame drop just from moving around, mini freezing for a few frames during chases. What happened? Before the patch on the Pro the game was completely smooth, no issues at all but now it's damn near impossible to play killer.


  • PrinceSaviorPrinceSavior Member Posts: 9
    edited July 2018

    It's impossible to play both survivor and killer, I hope that they will fix this big issue. Now the FPS are like 15/10 on PS4 OMG.

  • TrapperKeeperTrapperKeeper Member Posts: 22

    Yes, I would have to second these comments. Pre-patch was perfectly smooth and now post patch, the game is frustrating to play. Lag, freezes and spikes in frame rates. As both Survivor and Killer. It's making the game incredibly bothersome to play. Trying to land hits as Killer, is frustratingly difficult. Trying to outrun Killers as survivor, there's no point... you're running into everything before you have a chance to adjust accordingly.

    Needs fixed. This is going to become a large issue, especially on the brink of the Event Weekend and DLC.

  • SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 893

    It's the same on PC here. GTX 1050 ran before the patch at a solid 60 FPS, now dips into the 20's. Unacceptable in my opinion!

  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 46

    Hello devs. When we get a fps fix on ps4?????? Uncharted4 looks a lot better in multiplayer and runs on 60fps. And u want to tell me that dbd graphic is better than uc4?
    dbd runs on 10-15 fps or lower. nurse unplayable.

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