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Items best add ons

chenaischenais Member Posts: 1

I will tell you wich add ons are the best for each item. It may only usefull for begginers.

First,the map: it is useless, I do not recommand using it. Just learning where things are is better, and you may be able to see them without map.

Then,the key:in a match you want it to be a item that increase survival rate, use an add on that add time(otherwise its gonna be used very quickly)and an add on that allow you to see teamates or the killer.

Then, we have the flashlight: battery and add ons for blindess duration are the usefull ones, the others wont do much.

Medkit: Using it on others is kind of a waste, an other item would be better than just increase speed for the few heals you will do on other people. 16 charges=1 full heal(excluding skillchecks, add ons and perks).So if you want to use add ons for charges,make sure it allows you to do an other full heal for maximum effectiveness. Using a computer, the button to activate instant heal is space.You need to be healing to activate insta heal.

Toolbox:Sabotage is useless, hooks respawn,and if you 99% them, the killer may have an other hook near or they may not be in the section of the map where hooks were 99%. Repairing a gen, on the other hand, is always going to help your team. So when I will talk about add ons, it will not include sabotage ones.The add ons that make good skill check zones bigger are useless, learning how to do skill checks(normal ones) is better: they are not hard after a little bit of practice. Something that is important to know:1 gen=80 charges. For the add ons that increase the number of charges by 30 and 15, they are best paired with the green or purple toolbox that have 80 charges, since those charges, when you will use them, will increase the repair speed more than on a normal toolbox or a toolbox with 180 charges. On the other hand, the add ons that increase repair speed are best on toolbox that have more charges, since they will increase the speed of more charges( exemple: an add on that increase the speed,on a toolbox that have 80 charges, will only increase speed of 80 charges, while if we put them on a toolbox with 180 charges,it will increase speed of 180 charges).

If you found this post helpull, please reply to make me know :).

Ps: sorry for mistakes, english is not my first language.


  • ceridwen309ceridwen309 Member Posts: 493

    Thanks for this. It was interesting to learn what type of add-ons others found useful.

    Although, I wonder have you considered the new freddy abilites with the rainbow map, or the basic map with killer object add-on...quite useful from what I've seen.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 112

    I've never seen anyone use a key for any reason other than opening the hatch. Its charge up time is just way too long for it to be useful. I'd just use Bond or Alert instead.

  • xnes_galaxxnes_galax Member Posts: 149

    Most of the guide is correct imo, but I don't agree with medkits.

    I find them really usefull. Even a sigle brown medkit by itself provide a lot of value. The reason to bring a medkit is to heal yourself, not to heal others. Anyways, is true that if you want to bring more charges you have to add them in a way that you end up with extra 16/32 charges.

    P.s. the best flashlight is purple with green battery and low amp filament.

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