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Ghost Face Guide

MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 836
edited July 26 in Guides

Hello and welcome to my Ghost Face Guide the goal is to help others learn this fantastic killer while also helping to shed some light on common things that Ghost Face can do that no other killer can.

So First we are gonna talk about perk that i find really nice on Ghost Face.

Hex:Ruin- Ghost Face lacks the ability to place map pressure so due to this Ruin is nice to have on him.

Nurses- Having the Ability to basically hide terror radius and also sneak on survivors is pretty nice with this perk.

BBQ- For Bloodpoints but also to know where you need to go is pretty nice for Ghost Face.

Discordance- Having the ability to know where two survivors are and to get a 2 for one stalk session is actually not as bad as some of you may think.

Furtive Chase- Although situational for Ghost Face i have found some wins with this perk on him it does help for some interesting mindgames using the smaller terror radius.

Pop Goes the Wiesel- In my Opinion one of the best perks on him at the moment combined with BBQ you can locate problematic gens close to being done and regress them by 25% it does help slow the game down which is what makes it so good on Ghost Face.

Spirit Fury- Really good against hardcore looper's combined with Enduring it can be pretty strong on Ghost Face

Enduring- Just nifty to have in general.

Thrilling Tremors- Combined with PGTW can be really good to know what gens need to be kicked down.

Brutal Strength-Really nice perk to get through pallets fast.

Bamboozle- Honestly not a bad choice on him can really stop some problematic windows.

Whispers- Great Tracking Tool in General not a fan of it but i know some people get some use out of this perk!

Tips when Playing Ghost Face These are things ive found success in doing and so far im red ranks off of Ghost Face alone.

-Start of the Trial ALWAYS go into Shroud you don't want the survivors to know you are coming.

-Going in Crouch is not a bad option when you get within distance of a generator being worked on or not

-Your Power can actually be used as a tracking tool so dont be afraid to shroud after kicking a gen or if you find a gen that has progress.

-Don't be Afraid to try the Crouching Mind Game i would add make sure you turn shroud on when you try it as it gets rid of red stain and terror radius

-Don't be Afraid to leave someone 99% stalk and go for someone else it will help you get a free down the next time you come into contact with that survivor.

-Sometimes its better to just Basic Attack a survivor vs Stalking them.

-Turning Shroud on in chase can sometimes be useful because it forces the survivor to guess your next move if the survivor looks back to break you out of power dont hesitate to Basic Attack them a hit is a hit and its really important to get that first hit and even a down off it.

-Favorite addons are Cooldown and Crouch speed i find those to be his best in my opinion.

All and All Ghost Face is a really fun Killer to Play and even Play Against at least for me he is. Do i think others should give his play style a chance I do i feel once you understand the situational stuff he becomes a ton of fun and becomes rewarding to play.

With that being said these tips are not going to instantly make you rank 1 god tier killer players but they do help him become bearable to play while also finding good results from them.

If you have any Questions or things you think i should add do not be afraid to comment i do not mind discussion.

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  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 112

    These are a few really nice tips. I just wanna add a useful perk:

    Whispers has been working really well for me because without it, I'd often run into survivors and get put out of Night Shroud or waste time crouching around while noone is there. With Whispers equipped, you can just walk directly to objectives while it's off and start sneaking around when it activates.

    My go-to full-build would be BBQ, Ruin, A Nurse's Calling and Whispers. If I feel like I don't need too many BP at the moment, I sometimes like to use Discordance instead of BBQ. Important: If you want to use Discordance, make sure that you leave it at perk level one. Upgrading it makes the effect worse (see one of my previous posts on my profile for an explanation).

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,042
    edited July 26

    Do you have any addon and associated playstyle advice? I find I’m probably overusing the cooldown and reduced detection range addons, are there any others that are worth using to you and if so how are they best used? I did notice that stacking crouched speed addons makes you super fast but I don’t really see how that would be worthwhile in practice (especially with grass blindness) πŸ˜…

    Otherwise useful guide for anyone looking to learn him, great work and thanks for sharing, 😊 happy to see all the perks I use are up there (I’m still stuck with thrilling though -along with BBQ, nurses and discordance- as I haven’t found ruin or PGTW yet, but I feel like I’m almost going to miss it when I do find them)

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 836

    I like the cooldown addons and crouch speed i find those to be really nice as far as playstyle it comes down to how the survivors play ive noticed towards higher ranks stalking is a waste of time better to use his power for the stealth aspect.

    I used thrilling as well i should update the guide regarding my newer builds!

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,042

    Thanks for the reply, honestly I’m feeling that already even at green ranks if it’s a SWF as I haven’t got any gen protection perks like ruin or PGTW yet, thrilling helps a little but not enough on its own, I’m just really hoping it gets better once my build gets better because wow ghostface matches can be stressful against coordinated/efficient teams without the right build.

    I might still 3-4K which I guess should feel like a victory but it isn’t by using my power as much as I’d like and it’s by playing abnormally hard for the rank I am (considering I can get to high purple easy with hag or Michael) I still lean to mark a lot and get a few successful marks and downs, but I still get stuck in normal chases eventually and need to slug occasionally to restore pressure especially on altruistic teams. Makes the occasional solo matches feel like complete potato fests and honestly so relaxing, don’t even want to know what playing ghost against coordinated survivor teams at red ranks feels like.😨

    Interesting a few use the crouch speed addons, thinking on it I do spend a lot of the time crouched even just traversing an area in shroud to make use of LoS blockers but I know cooldown is definitely locked in for addons, I’ll definitely try crouch addons next time, thanks for the info 😊

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