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Losing momentum after tp again.

SmokePotionSmokePotion Member Posts: 1,089
edited July 2019 in The Hag

The hag is losing momentum after teleporting again. This causes her to short strike and miss when she teleports to a trap and tries to hit the survivor that is within her strike cone. I made a post in general, and it was confirmed by some other hag mains, so it isn't just me. I could provide video by recording a few game,s if you wish. But it should be easy to replicate, if you play a game with her, it should happen a % of the times you try to phantasm attack. It didn't seem to happen every single time. But it's enough that I no longer tp-strike. And will instead tp, and run a step,a nd then lunge. It works, sometimes, but it makes stopping loops harder.

PLatform: PC

How often: It should happen several times in a game, if you play one. I don't have numbers, sorry.

how to reproduce: Have people run over traps, tp to them(while running) and try to hit them. You will miss a % of the times because she strikes short, and doesn't lunge. She will even miss when a lunge isn't needed sometimes as well.

edit: I am pretty sure the hag has always not been able to lunge from a tp, if she was standing still when she takes the teleport. Like, if she was hitting a gen, or hooked someone and immediately tp's to a trap. This would be nice to adjust as well. this being the "always had issues with short strikes" thing i mentioned earlier. I'm pretty sure this is the cause of that.

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  • Pious23Pious23 Member Posts: 7

    Happens to me all the time. Didn't know it was a bug.

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