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New Killer - Pyramid Head

RedysileRedysile Member Posts: 3

Hello everyone, how's it going?

As a lover from the Silent Hill games, i'd like to see Pyramid Head here in DBD,

Guess it would work better with his greatsword than the lance,

My ideas for his mechanics:

Killer: Pyramid Head

Mov speed: 105% ~ 110%

Ctrl: Summon nurses (they would work as sentries on the map and would scream if any survivor stay around 6m from her), they will scream if hear you nearby,

M1: Slashes

M2: Rush (can use M1 while using it) and they would be a lot of noise and if you hit something, it will stagg you for 4s

The M2 would have a "stamina bar" and once used, it would have a Cooldown of 20s

Unique Perks:

1) Guilt: Everytime someone misses the skill check, they feel guilty, that will trigger Pyramid Head and the survivor will be exposed for up 3s

2) Torment: When the killer is chasing down the survivor for at least 15s he will torment the victim, making them enter in the "world of silent hill" which will be very foggy

3) Ego: When he seeks his obsession, and let it run away, it stacks 1 token, at 5 tokens, PH can see marks even while survivors are crouched for last 3s

Survivor: Heather Manson

Unique Perks:

1) Firefly: With the flashlight, she can use it and run at the same time,

2) Superego: Altruism and precision are increased by 65% with 2 people+

3) Last man Standing: When you are the last survivor of the match, you gain up to 15% speed at vaults and running for 30s

MAP: Abandoned building, with 5 floors, lot of stairs and walls covered with blood and 5 rooms each

What you guys think? Would like to see PH also in DBD? Different perks?

I apologize for the non - perfect english,


  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,209

    No, and I have doubt about you even know the game if you think you can have Pyramid head showing up like that.

    And your take on his "power" proves it even further...

  • violethonedgeviolethonedge Member Posts: 10

    Heathers perks are next to useless; being able to run while using a flashlight is pointless since you would never need to, and last man standing would be very situational. You’d need to be in a chase right after the second to last survivor is sacrificed.

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Rush seems like diet-hillbilly which isn't a bad thing just not really exciting. Nurses are also like diet-hag. Neither of these things really make up for the slow speed.

    Killer perks

    1) Guilt- by trigger do you mean they see the survivors aura? Other wise not very useful unless you have unnerving Presence which people just won't do stuff till you leave

    2) Torment- neat perk making the world more foggy for the survivor. I like it.

    3) Ego-I'd suggest having it so that for each token they leave scratch marks behind the survivors. Obsession thing is good.

    Quick note for perks, make sure you say killer and not the name or gender, the perk is meant for every killer.

    Survivor: Heather Manson

    Unique Perks:

    1) Firefly: Comment with the not very useful.

    2) Superego: for healing? its neat.

    3) Last man Standing: Maybe just a passive increase that last till you die or escape? Just to make it a bit more useful.

    So not a huge fan of Silent hill but this guy looks pretty badass. So I would love to see them in the game.

  • DerangedxzombieDerangedxzombie Member Posts: 1

    Don't know what the first replier to the OP was on about, do they know what SH is. You seem like you know about Silent Hill, and PH would be a great idea, they fit in fine with the other; otherworldly and demonic killers. PH's skills sound accurate too. Maybe one should be "frustration" based on him representing James sexual frustration (though he does have guilt for his wife and their cancer). The torment idea is great, that'd be cool to have the map turn slightly metal/hellish with sirens playing.

    I think the level would have to be a foggy section of silent hill streets itself, just where they're most iconic. The nurses always have scalpels or sharp instruments so they'd probably me more a threat.

    And despite SH3 being my favourite game, I think James would have to be the survivor where he's so synonymous with PH. No idea what kinda skills he'd have though.

  • TaylorAmidalaTaylorAmidala Member Posts: 12

    I don't care what these people say, Pyramid Head would be an amazing killer! Maybe not these perks/power, but I'm sure the devs would come up with something awesome.

    I kind of picture him having a similar thing as Freddy. Like the sirens would go off and instead of Freddy's dream state, it would be how the movie and games look when it becomes night. I'm not sure what would happen because of it, but it would be visually amazing to see the walls start falling apart. Maybe the fog would get really really dark and you cant see far ahead of you.

    The nurses is also a cool idea, I love that. Definitely would have something to do with flashlights like in the movie.

    Anyway, Silent Hill is amazing and so is DBD. It would be cool to see them come together.

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