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Campfire shenanigans

VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,225
edited July 2019 in Lore

So what do you think the survivors do whilst they're taking breaks From trials and just relaxing at the campfire.

It's already been confirmed that Kate sings to people at the campfire and tries to keep their spirits up.

But I wonder what the other survivors do as it seems that with another journal entry from Benedict they can't exactly leave the campfire area without getting an immense feeling of dread and just naturally being forced to return. So it's safe to assume that the survivors so just kind of stuck them.

Also if each survivor does talk to each other do you think things like language barriers affect anything for example we don't know if Min speaks any english and considering she's a lone wolf, we don't know if she's even conversed with anyone to try to learn it

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  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 1,143

    We all know Jesus boy jeff took Claudette's pharmacy to grow a pass time that he probably shares with Jake (not judging) that or he has claudette do that for them.

  • semaj_leachimsemaj_leachim Member Posts: 48
    edited July 2019

    Nea probably bites her nails.

    All twenty

  • KnucklesKnuckles Member Posts: 215

    David would be gathering wood after he took a dump in the bushes, and Dwight somehow stepped in it. Meg is bragging about all her athletic achievements while nobody really listens. Kate trys to get a sing-a-long going while Jake ponders on how to get her alone in the woods. Nea is trying to give herself a home tattoo using a rusty nail and ink from a pen while Jeff watches and thinks it's so damn cool. Claudette reads up on herbs by the campfire light imagining herself getting the Nobel Peace Prize for curing cancer. Everyone else is trying to find a convenience store because none of them thought to bring the food and drinks while they await their demise 😣

  • LeShiftyLeShifty Member Posts: 4

    It probably comes as a very small surprise, but I like to imagine Ace would do something card related, whether that be trying to swindle a survivor out of something, teaching them a method of perhaps cheating in blackjack or something similar.

    It's either that or, perhaps I do think that Ace would share maybe the occasional grim story with the Survivors. As, I'll admit, considering Ace's lore notes that he did get into trouble with the "wrong kind of people", and he just so happened to ship out the same time as a Swamp map does, something seems rather... Off. About how Ace was involved with implied gangster characters. Considering how, one of the stories about Gangsters was that they would often get rid of people using alligators in Swamps. I don't know how true that is, but it often gives be eerie vibes that maybe Ace knows a few grim things that he shouldn't.

    Iunno. Sort of gives Ace a more darker side than his more sleazy, charming side which he gives me the impression of.

  • fly_172fly_172 Member Posts: 77

    Honestly, feel free to go wild with headcannons here. I know I’ve thought about this a few times. In particular, I always imagined that Jake would climb one of the trees and sit on a branch with his back to the trunk, in that typical one leg hanging and the other propped up fashion.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,230

    Dwight is making Pizza for the group while kate and Jeff provide music. Ash tells [BAD WORD] up jokes and makes inappropriate comments on the female survivors, Adam and Claudette treat people's wounds. That's all I can think of :P

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    Jake maybe attracting birds and fixing sabotage tools, Laurie is just thinking, Meg probably talking to everyone, Quentin and Tapp talking about the killers they all have already seen before. Jane is definitely a person to comfort people.

  • KnucklesKnuckles Member Posts: 215

    It's funny to see how everyone perceives the survivors personalities. 🤔 they're a unique bunch!

  • nunadventuresnunadventures Member Posts: 198

    I wrote this when someone ask about survivors personalities And I figured it would fit here so here ya go

    Here are some of my headcanons for survivors is:

    • jake is really reserved and doesn’t talk to people often, he’s like Claudette best since she has a little knowledge of being a survivalist because of her botany skills
    • Nea has an attitude problem especially towards those who act like parents ie laurie and Jane.  She doesn’t take crap from anyone and is very snarky 
    • Ace would kill to play a game of cards again. Always up to something. The goofball of the group and can make everyone smile or laugh 
    • Quentin is just trying to sleep at all times but is scared to. Nea and meg used to mess with him and scare him when he was sleeping but nope w they respect him and let him sleep. Quentin  is the guy who tries to settle disputes and keep peace amongst everyone 
    • Laurie always butting heads with Dwight, the nervous leader. Headstrong and somewhat motherly. Always thinking on how to escape this place once and for
    • Jeff tried to be a goofball like ace but is little more reserved, he just wants to keep good morality amongst the group. Likes to tag/paint walls with nea when they get the chance. Also likes to talk about music with Kate. 
    • Jane is very motherly and tries to keep everyone in line. She’s humble and charismatic 
    • Tapp like laurie is just trying to figure out to get out of here.  Very timid and doesn’t take [BAD WORD] from anyone. Dad of the group. Makes really bad jokes that makes everyone groan
    • But most of all, everyone sits around the campfire reminiscing and telling stories of their past lives to each other.

  • BlackadderBlackadder Member Posts: 23

    I agree mostly with this post but with a few differences however:

    Jane seems to be more of an empathetic survivor (her perk quotes lean more towards this)So I imagine she will be caring for the others along with Claudette and Quentin.

    Ash and Ace will most definitely have a rivalry, but their happy-go-lucky personalities probably keeps everyone's spirits up, and i'd imagine they'd agree on a lot of things and have some pretty good chemistry.

    Jake and Nea probably spend a lot of time together not saying very much, but enjoying each others company.

    David probably takes jabs at everyone (especially Dwight) but very likely cares deeply for each new survivor he meets and would protect them as best he could.

    I also think Dwight, Tapp, Adam, Bill and Laurie would be coming up with strategies for each trial and helping each survivor really focus on their strengths.

    and when the group are feeling down Kate probably sings about family, and hope to distract everyone from the situation they're in.

    Meg I think would probably just be reasonably quiet providing a few good points to conversations and making sure everyone is doing alright (especially Dwight but maybe i just like the whole Meg and Dwight ship).

  • DwightlightDwightlight Member Posts: 4

    I think that Dwight would give motivational speeches at the campfire and offer support after rough trials, also plan out future strategies by drawing them out in the dirt or something

    Bill would have a small group gathered around him as he tells tales from the war and the apocalypse, always gives an important life lesson at the end of them

    Ash believes he has some sort of competition going on with Bill on who can tell the best stories but deep down he has a whole lot of respect for the Veteran. He always talks about the crazy adventures he's had with Pablo and Kelly and uses them to try flirt with the girls, kind of like a "Oh hey, did you know I beat a 700 ft tall demon by myself" kind of thing

    Ace likes to show magic tricks or card cheats to whoever is willing to play along, also joins in on telling stories and talks about all the run in's he's had with debt collectors (a lot of them are extremely exaggerated but hey, he wants to have crazy adventures too) Also tends to crack jokes and cheer up whoever is looking sad

    Claudette always checks up on survivors who come back from trials not feeling 100%, helps them by whipping up whatever medicinal thing she can at the time, offers a lot of advice health and well-being wise

    Quentin is always trying to find peace and quiet to get some sleep - he eventually gives up on it and just settles on staying up to watch over everyone while they sleep (occasionally dozes off whilst doing so)

    Like Claudette and Dwight, Jane also likes offering support to other survivors but mainly focuses on emotional support. Encourages other survivors to vent to her and she comforts and offers advice best she can

    Laurie always preps everyone for trials by making sure their they have everything they need and have their head in the game. Teaches everyone how to look after themselves and hold a fight

    Jake tends to keep to himself and mainly just listens in but if a conversation happens to catch his interest, he'll start engaging more and be a lot more open

    Feng likes to talk about her days when she was an e-sports competitor and focuses more on the more happy memories of her gaming career, reminiscing on her wins and the best games she remembers playing

    Nea likes to playfully stir up other survivors to have a little fun, seems to pick on David the most as they both tend to make the most trouble, also likes to tease Dwight but in a more caring manner like a "oh you poor baby, looks like I gotta save your butt again."

    Jeff and Kate exchange music tastes and provides music and entertainment when everyone's settling down. Kate spends time teaching Jeff how to play the guitar, which he overtime gets good at

    Also this is just a little self indulgent headcanon but I think that Dwight likes to quietly sing along with Kate when he thinks no one is listening

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