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Scrapped Killer Idea: The Spectre

BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 19

This was an idea I had for a new killer which I was going to make into a full chapter, however after the Freddy rework announcement my idea seems far too similar so I scrapped it. Still, I think my idea is cool and thought I might as well share it :)

Chapter: Hallowed Void

Killer: The Spectre


Weapon: Spear

A small, chipped spear infused with the power of the entity. Normally used for throwing sports, now used to eliminate any foes of The Spectre.

Power: Void Shift

A charged blast of energy which sends survivors into another world, disrupting and separating them to make for easier targets.

·      The Spectre has a chargeable ability in which she builds a Survivor’s void meter (much like Ghostface’s expose ability)

·      When a Survivors void meter fills, they enter the void state, an altered version of the map (like Freddy’s dream world)

·      In this state, Survivor’s cannot commit any regular actions such as healing or generator repairs, cannot see the Killer or other Survivor’s and move 20% slower.

·      To exit the void state, the Survivors must go to one of three highlighted Transmat Machines to re-enter the regular map.

·      When they reappear in the real map, Survivor’s suffer from the Ethereal status effect, which prevents them repairing generators for 35 seconds.

·      The Spectre can also enter the Void State at any Transmat Machine, although they cannot see any Survivor’s within or out of the Void State

·      While in the Void State, the Killer can move at 140% movement speed and cannot be seen or heard by survivors until they re-enter the regular map

·      Each Survivor can only enter the Void State twice each

(To be clear, The Spectre is not always in the Void State and cannot attack Survivor’s that are)


  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    This is an interesting killer with a cool power. You can still continue it if you want to. How would the killer come out of the void and how long is the transition?

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