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Spirit Needs Counterplay



  • GrimGrim Member Posts: 250

    @Zarathos I understand where you're coming from, but just because games can go quickly every now and then, doesn't mean we should refuse to acknowledge and fix other problems, too.

    @NuclearBurrito The fact you said that the Spirit could see your aura and it'd still be a mindgame shows that you don't quite understand what a mindgame is. All you've done is describe a set of possible courses of action, but you've failed to address that the Spirit can determine which one you've taken, but not the survivor for the Spirit.

    This is the crux of the problem. The Spirit is not predicting a prediction as she can react to the tells and know what your prediction was. The survivor does not have that luxury.

    "If there truly was no mindgame, then the survivor would have no guess to make." Yet... there is no guess for the Spirit. Does that mean it's still a mindgame?

  • CenternovaCenternova Member Posts: 39

    Spirit has counter play, If her hair goes up you can tell shes spirit walking or vaulting , iron will decent perk alone , also a counter to her

  • CenternovaCenternova Member Posts: 39

    If her hair goes up you can tell shes phas walking , Camera angle does matter if her hair stands up you can clearly tell shes phase walking or breaking a pallet, just watch out for that and when she does that do a 360 where you where then walk away boom shes mindgamed

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,512

    @Centernova I don’t ever run any head pieces with Spirit’s hair sticking straight up. I usually run the messy bun. Not to mention, who is really gonna sit there a determine whether the Spirit is gonna vault or not?

  • MiddleMangMiddleMang Member Posts: 8

    @miaasma Gotta love the Rick and Morty watching, Sun Tzu reading, 150IQ spirit mains. I love that she's a good killer but she really needs to get that "mindgame" 4D chess [BAD WORD] out of her players heads. When I play spirit I think I've 4k'd every match in red ranks, and all I have to do is phase, test for collision, and then rely on sound. If they left me I'll hear it, if they're anywhere near me I can just run around till I bump into them, usually having enough time to test the area and still move towards sound after. I play wraith the most probably, and I find it hilarious that spirit has no kind of animation for popping out of phase, it can just be done whenever. So anyone saying to just slow walk away, you won't be getting very far when I decide to just end my phase and catch you creeping out the door. Don't want her nerfed but there's also very little counterplay. Maybe literally just the removing collision detection would be alright. I also don't think anyone would really complain if the other killers were buffed to her level, which is my way of balancing stuff in other projects.

  • RexFulgurRexFulgur Member Posts: 8

    The counterplay to Spirit is not to run when she is phase walking. She sees scratch marks when phasing. Also, if you need to run, place down a pallet preemptively. Not only that but you can also hear her footsteps. If you can't see that as counterplay then watch TrU3T4lent and stop complaining about killers needing counterplay as if killer is bad enough. You need strong killers.

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911

    about my position too; i don't want her gutted or made to be a weaker killer, i'm glad she's strong. i just don't like why she's strong. removing collision should have been done a while ago. and weaker killers receiving buffs is also a good idea (please make bubba better he's so sad)

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 881

    @Raptorrotas lol I am a main surv and don't want her to be nerfed, she is good the way she is. For me she is not OP and actually a fun killer to play with and against.

  • GrimGrim Member Posts: 250
    edited July 2019

    @RexFulgur it's been explained multiple times why simply walking away doesn't work. Hell, the post directly above yours does exactly that. Read before posting.

    You hear her footsteps? No, you don't. That feature almost never works even when she's coming to "outplay" you with Prayer Beads.

    If you have nothing helpful to actually contribute, don't bother.

  • rinarina Member Posts: 90

    Make her model disappear the moment she touches her power.

  • prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

    only problem of spirit i can call she have no cooldown in close range

    if she had more reduction of ability meter from canceling ability that was the answer of looping her

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 760

    It doesn't matter if you change direction because you move so slow while walking she simply has to exit phase fairly close to where she last knew you were walking and because when she exits phase walk she maintains her light speed for a second or two she just zooms right onto you and hits you.

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