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Wiggle Bug : Can't wiggle when picked up/ or recover

HinoiriHinoiri Member Posts: 4
in PC

Lately I've been experiencing a bug where I will get into some games and I won't be able to wiggle no matter how many times I'm picked up. I don't get the key prompts, or progress bar, and my character doesn't do the wiggle animation (even when I'm hitting the keys to wiggle). I've done some games with friends as well and on their screens they said that I wasn't wiggling for them either. Two of my friends have also experienced this bug in game. I'm not sure what causes it, because some games are fine and then others have the bug. I just feel like it's been a while and it hasn't been noticed so I figured I'd post it here so the team can be more aware of it happening. Whenever I have this bug, I also am unable to recover when I'm downed (even though I'm holding m1); same problem as the wiggle bug, with no prompt or progression. I feel like these issues put players at a big disadvantage in game.



  • HinoiriHinoiri Member Posts: 4

    UPDATE: Just did a game where I couldn't recover, self heal (with self care or a med kit), and couldn't wiggle. This feels like it's becoming more frequent in games and I feel needs to be addressed.

  • kiosseraskiosseras Member Posts: 1

    i had the same problem too

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