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Crashes Drain Motivation

BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,690

Idk 'bout y'all, but when my game crashes, whether it's my PC's fault or something else, i can almost never bring myself to put it back on.

Not just this game btw, any game that crashes deletes any motivation i had to play it at the moment.

Of course, i can build motivation again, with due time.

But for example, i crashed just now.

I was about to hook my last Survivor.

Right as i get on the Basement stairs, crash.

Though it's a bad example cause i was about to win which would increase the chance of any regular person to feel demotivated, i feel demotivated with practically every crash.

Anyone else like this?

This does not reflect my IRL motivation AT ALL btw i and others know i'm stubborn and patient IRL.

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