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Freddy Rework - Make Pallets Baseline

RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,485

If you switch the Pallets to baseline and make it so the Snare is the add-on power, the aura reading after Snare activation makes a lot more sense + adds map pressure (with teleport).

Aura reading on the pallets is pretty useless, imho, as you're going to get a hit (or be close enough to) in most cases that one is thrown down.

You guys are sooooooo close to having a Freddy that is both viable and fun!


  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Yeah pallets are better then the snares

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 820

    Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Sure, you'll sometimes get someone blind throwing a pallet, but that's so rare that it essentially won't happen when you can make use of it, unless you're in brown ranks. Meanwhile, snares don't guarantee a hit, unlike pallets, but simply put you in a better place to ensure one later. Aura reading on them would make a lot of sense and tie in more reasonably with their utility.

    No opinion on which should be primary, but the aura reading seems like a good swap.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,485

    It would also provide some useful aura reading, and maybe satisfy those that were sad to see that part of his kit go.

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    I support this idea! But given how much Survivor mains are complaining about the Dream Pallets, I feel they should drop the number of Snares/Pallets Freddy can drop.

  • GhostulGhostul Member Posts: 42

    Dream pallets should be base, if for any reason, because literally everyone will always run a dream pallet add-on for the most part. The pallets are so much better at the moment. They are way more fun, and provide more of an advantage than the snares.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 924

    At the very least buff the snares so they aren't humiliatingly weak in terms of ms reduction seriously 15% pathetic. Getting sick of gating your killers strong aspect behind specific add ons.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,485

    This would make his whole basekit themed around mindgames and surprise >:3

    Really, though, I feel like pallets will be nerfed or removed because "pulling down a fake pallet isn't fun."

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