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This is the DBD problem.



  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,377
    edited July 2019

    Just remove the ranking system until Rank Rewards are in, at the moment not only there is no incentive to climb, you get punished for it with higher queue time

    It's fine to have bad killers, not in a system where it has ranks and competitive, since it will force you to play Better Killers. Bad Killers are not viable at high rank and will get bullied and pellet looped all days.

    Identity V has Casual mode and Ranked Mode, its a mobile game, on day 1 it has ranking system, rank rewards, dedicated server and everything, DBD has been release for 3 years, why can't it do the same?

    Once ranking rewards and everything is in, you guys will finally start to balance the game better, because by then ppl will actually try to climb. As of now ppl DC left and right, causing the statistics to get messed up, since DC still counts as one survivor death. and if someone DC at start/ chances are the Killer is going to get 3/4 Kills

  • LarczLarcz Member Posts: 531

    I asl my self what perks i want use or see in game.Answer is practicle like i use this perk he need some skill and is viable for gameplay.I dont take perk what do almost nothing and is not fun in use like monstreus shrine.As survavior i will take perks what will be most use in game i dont take kindred when i will play with swf.Or for killer i must take the best perks to cover weak side of my killer.And problem is i dont have too mutch of them.Also as some killers i dont feel im in the power role or got power in game.One of the best dlc what i got is Michael Myers he got many difrent addons what change his gameplay.Spirit got only the best addons viable and gameplay change.Back to perks what is use of solidarity perk or fun if every one got SCor Adrenalin?Or iron maiden who even use this killer DR?

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I agree and disagree. I agree with OP on everything except using only high rank players as feedback. This game is a casual party game. They should mix that pool of players, but get players that have been around for a while. If you use only high rank players, you will lose a huge part of the player base due to changes being too restrictive.

    Get players in 1-5, 6-9, 10-15 and come up with a rank reward system while making each bracket more balanced. If you play in 10 to 20, you are casual and there are no rank rewards. As you go beyond that, you get rank rewards, but things get harder. There are new objectives, etc.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 416

    few comments on thread. First of all, there is already a perk for survivor that removes blood stains for survivor, but it's a perk with a very negative opinion because of it's drawback. That perk is No Mither, It removes blood stains at the cost of losing one health state.

    My second comment has to do with Janick's comment regarding two playstyles, which I assume is refering to Stealth and Aggression playstyle for survivor. I think there's big problem in the game regarding this because the game duration is distorted for survivor and killer between each rank. In rank 20-10, Stealth is considered to be more meta because players are genuinely afraid of killers because their skill level in running loops is extremely lackluster, so you give rank 16 a jungle gym and they simply do not know how to use it in an efficient way. Stealth also consumes time and as a result, games take longer because people aren't optimizing their interaction speed. This is greatly evident in ranking system for killer in regards to gatekeeper emblem where developers expect the game to last 9 minutes for survivors to complete generators. This happens in lower ranks because survivors do not have map knowlege or game sense to know what to do at a given time, so their games end up being slower and very passive. On the flipside of the coin at red ranks, The exact opposite is happening. player such as myself have no fear against killers. in fact most of them are complete joke and as such, we don't really waste time with stealth. Pallets and Windows are strong enough to waste the killers time and a lot of players enjoy having long chases against killers as it is fun. What this means is that in red ranks, the expected time to complete a generator(in ranking system) is 9 minutes, however the actual game time can go as low as 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The more likely average is around 4-5 minutes. Games that go beyond this point for generators happen because of disconnects/rage quits or because the killer has successfully tunneled a player to create a 3vs1. As most people know, Killing a single survivor removes 100% of the interaction speed from the team(teams start with 400% with 4 people alive) so it is obvious that the game will go slower as 3 players, however you can ask fellow survivors mains what they think about tunneling, and I assure you, you will get a very negative answer regarding this topic. If you look at conditions for a killer needs for a win, a common myth is that you need 12 hooks to win. This isn't exactly true as last person you hook is 1 hooked,so you need 9 hooks to win. There's no real point in hooking players in which you do not intend to kill by 3 hook condition(waste of time). Completing 9 hooks in 5 minutes is a lot. This is just scratching the surface of the problem, but when survivors mains ask, "Why do I always fight Nurse, Billy and Spirit every game", It's simply because other killers can't win in 5 minutes. It's just not feasible, hence why I think stealth and aggressive playstyles between ranks creates a big time distoration problem without really looking at looping game.

    My last comment is about perks for both survivor and Killer. Personally, I don't really look for most top meta perks, while they're the best, most players just want perk variety such that their perks can make a decent impact in a game, and when you look at a lot of new perks, a lot of them are purposely bad numerically. For example, to this day, Self-care is still most likely the best altruistic perk in the game and no perk really replaces it. If we look at some of newer perks that are altruistic, Let's look at Jane's Solidarity perk. On paper, It would like a good perk to replace self-care, but because it's only 50%, No one runs that perk because the numbers aren't good. It's just not a good replacement unless it was 100%. We'll make it heals a survivor at double speed after unhook which is decent, on the flip side, a newer perk called autodidact designed for healing other survivors starts with penalty before you can even get a bonus for healing. So as you can see, your unlikely to see new versions of older perks because they're really bad. Killer has a lot of interesting perks, but since most killers have too many glaring weaknesses, people tend try to cover up their weaknesses before even considering to use fun perks, so you never really much variety on that side either. Just my 2 cents on the topic.

  • No_Cluie_LouisNo_Cluie_Louis Member Posts: 1,087

    I really mean no offence, but i've seen thousands of very good perk suggestions on these forums, and not once has any of them been used

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