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Killer DC penalties

KizziKizzi Member Posts: 9
edited July 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

Quick thought, usually when a survivor DC's mid-game it doesn't disrupt the general gameplay and people can continue gaining bloodpoints ect and progress in the match.


When a killer DC's mid-match, no more progress can be made and it's a total end of the match, in which it treats it like the full end of a match (/w all survivors dead or escaped).

I've had a few times where a killer will DC mere moments into a match, either with one or two generators down and barely any progress made in terms of survivor and killer actions. I too have cried tears when my Hag host DCs and I've lost a rank mark.

Is it really fair to punish survivors for Killer DC? Maybe at least change it so your rank can't go up or down when it happens, and to compensate just give everyone bloodpoints for an early DC.

Just a thought.


  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 480

    What about when survivor dc at the start and killer dc at the start. Which is worse?

  • gustenterlinggustenterling Member Posts: 4

    Agreed, should be a penalty for both sides.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 2,130

    The DC'er should lose all their items, de-pip as you should for DCing and gain no BP as it is, no one else gets a loss,

  • KizziKizzi Member Posts: 9

    Just to clear the air, I meant no rank penalties for Survivors, of coure DC'ing Killers should keep the no bloodpoints awarded and item loss would be preferable.

    Main idea was that after Killer DC, survivors rank status is static (no marks gained or lost).

  • NetharonNetharon Member Posts: 29

    I know the majority of this was already addressed in the developer update, but I think they should add 100% BP gains in trial and -25% scoring penalty across each category PER survivor that DC’s. The survivor that DC’s should be placed in a low-priority matchmaking que when the algorithm detects a pattern of DC behavior.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 169

    I think there is no such algorithm XD

    I'm not sure if most of the mentionings aren't already in place. Like BP are given, even granting the escape BP.

    Survivor ranks should really be unaffefcted, not shure if this really happens. But on survivor DC there is also a lot of impact on killer ranks. You don't get the chases, the hooks, the hits. If one survivor DCs because "nah, hate nurse", a double pip is not possible anymore. This is pretty unfair as well.

    OT: But rankings are this way or that way not fine at all, so I would not cry about ranking at all. Like Myers and Plague seem to not get emblem points to the chaser/brutality emblem when using their powers. Because for example they only hit survivors once while other killers do twice to end a chase. Had several games with pretty decent 4k but only silver chaser emblem for no reason

  • RexFulgurRexFulgur Member Posts: 8

    DCing can really hurt survivors. If you have a 4 man SWF: 1 medic, 1 toxic loser with a flashlight, 1 M1 Warrior, and 1 looper, if any of those people lose Internet connection, that's a bully fail about to happen. Even if it isn't a SWF group, 1 man down with no intel over your team's action will severely hurt the game.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 680

    If killer dcs match ends, he looses.

    If survivor dcs, he looses and makes other survivors loose aswell in 90% of cases.

    That's why i think dcing as survivor is way more toxic.

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