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Huntress Tips, Tricks, and Builds.

LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,454

I'm looking for some new ideas on her. Was hoping the community might be able to help.


  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 398

    Don't destroy pallets on small loops, as she can benefit off them with her hatchets.

    Take it slow with throwing her hatchets, start with close range, and the go further when you feel comfortable.

    Only M1 if (A) The survivor is injured and within range or (B) The survivor is about to round a corner.

    You get alot of extra value if you hit a survivor from close range with the hatchet, as the cool down on your M1 attack is considerably decreased.


    If you want to be toxic, use infantry belt, iridescent head, ebony Mori with the Perks Hex ruin, monitor and abuse, BBQ and Chili and either pip goes the weasel or bamboozle.

    She's also good at slugging! Use deerstalker, knock out, whispers and Sloppy Butcher.

    For good perks on huntress, besides the ones that are good on every killer, iron Maiden is great, Blood warden is good, Tinkerer is great once you've learned her hatchets, Thanatophobia is great for pressure and discordance, another great perk when huntress is mastered.

    Finally my personal build!

    Iron Maiden, for lockers, BBQ and Chili, Whispers and either Thanatophobia or Ruin.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,454
  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 6,423

    The only build that really works at rank 1 is BBQ, Ruin, Nurse's, Whispers. Wind-up add-ons are best, but if you use them all the time you aren't going to get better as Huntress. I prefer to play no add-ons, or with exhaustion/hindered/hafts.

    She's not really a killer with a lot of variety, her kit is based on skill and as such there is a very limited meta for her at the highest level.

    You just need to practice honestly. Again do it without wind-up add-ons to actually learn how to play her. Once you get good with her you can use them and you will be a serious threat.

  • razalunarazaluna Member Posts: 50

    Tips- get into the habit of reloading/kicking pallets/kicking gens, before picking a survivor up , it saves you time and lets you get right back into finding survivors/defending gens after you get them on the hook.

    if you don't mind throwing games , take a few matches to do nothing but throw hatchets around get a feel for the timing, how they arc and fall etc, also throw at walls and objects to find out where the hit boxes on them are and where you can sneak a hatchet through tight spots

    addons- both stones are useless imo, rusty/begrimed heads are nice for the 2min mangled/ stacking the hafts makes for some quick follow up throws, often allowing you to stop a hook save if they do it next to you, gloves and iron maiden stack for super fast reloads, belts are always nice for more hatchets, exhaustion addons are great as well, and the better you get with the hatchets, you can start using the brown exhaustion addons to save yourself some bp, slow downs addons are barely noticeable, they basicly slow down enough for you to catch up like a 115 ms killer for 15/30 seconds , woopdie doo, wind up addons are another great set but shouldn't be relied on, pin is nice once you get use to pre-reving around corners , glowing concoction is great in cornfields, and can help you land a second hatchet and iridescent head is iridescent head, very strong and very boring , imo.


    personal build shadowborn , iron maiden ,nurses calling, (open slot, but often deerstalker)

    screw your flashlighs/ items, franklens, lightborn, overwhelming presence , (open slot)

    psudo ruin, dying light ( with a mori) , thanatophobia ,PGTW, (open slot) , begrimed head

    "the mighty foot", brutal strength , fireup, overcharge, (open slot)

    I could go on, but that's enough wall of text.

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 398

    Forgot to mention perks that activate on a normal attack don't effect the hatchets (NOED, Franklins)

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