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Srvr Perk: Rebuild Broken Pallets

KangClutchKangClutch Member Posts: 12

Perk: Wood Worker

Teir 1: Rebuild One Pallet

Teir 2: Rebuild Two Pallets

Teir 3: Rebuild 3 Pallets

Pallet Rebuild Speed About Same as Self Care Heal Speed

Item: Hammer

Unlocks Pallet Rebuild Ability

Add On's: Increase Speed, Increase No. of a player can build Pallet

Ultra Rare Add On: Hammer Throw- Secondary Action temporarly stuns killer


  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 600
    edited July 11

    I like it. Make sure that hammer throw or other powerful addon consumes the hammer upon use.

    • Wooden Hammer: 16 charges, slightly increases pallet rebuild speed
    • Framing Hammer: 16 charges, moderately increases pallet rebuild speed
    • Carpenter's Hammer: 24 charges, considerably increases pallet rebuild speed
    • Maxwell's Silver Hammer: 32 charges, tremendously increases pallet rebuild speed

    Where 12 charges is roughly equal to one pallet rebuilt, with addons for extra charges, more efficiency, skill check zones, etc. Maybe instead of a thrown stun, though, the UR addon could trap a rebuilt pallet to automatically drop on the killer.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 548

    Too strong. More likely we'll get something for used-but-not-destroyed pallets first imo.

  • KangClutchKangClutch Member Posts: 12

    I love your last idea.

    Pallets are about the only mean of offense for survivors.

    Expanding on the things you can do offensively with pallets is REALLY interesting.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 734

    Maybe have it like Sabuteur? It takes half time a longer than a regular hammer, but it gets a bit of an a boost. Also the tier up should actually be more like self care.

    Wood Worker - Gain the ability to rebuild pallets at 50% the normal speed. When using a hammer gain 15%/25%/35% more than the normal speed.

    Anyways I like this perk and it could really be used to create another’s survivor and Devanagari should really see this :D

  • GrimGrim Member Posts: 185

    This'd be just the push I need to stop playing maps like Thompson's House or Disturbed Ward.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 443

    I mean, if this was implemented. Killer would become even more underwhelming.

    I think its healthier for the game that this idea doesn't make it in unfortunately.

  • BadgerT40BadgerT40 Member Posts: 40

    I made a fanmade chapter a while back back that had a survivor that could repair pallets as long ss they stuned the killer with one. One stun= one pallet max. Three pallets a game

  • KangClutchKangClutch Member Posts: 12

    A combination of Gcarrara and BadgerT40 in addition to repair speed tweeks doesn't sound too unrealistic.

    Pallet stun tokens and buildable locations makes it a bit more interesting.

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