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devs can we have a compromise with the old freddy mains and rework freddy

weewee Member Posts: 15

I'm a killer main and freddy has been one of my most played killers and i really don't want him to be reworked but since there is no stopping it i want to propose a idea that i thought of.

So i was thinking when you're in the dream world, freddy can choose to do the old transition of 7 seconds but make it to where he dosen't have to like before when he had to use his power. Freddy during this transition won't be able to attack you until after 7 seconds but he fades in and out of reality like before so one seconds he is visible and one second he is invisible. This could make his mindgame potential overall stronger. Freddy also dosen't have to do this and can just hit you like a standard m1 killer but if a survivor is at a loop he can use the transition phase on will and trick a survivor if you're skilled enough with the transition phase. This will increase his skill cap then his current rework version and he stills has map control. (gen teleportation) Devs, I have met freddy mains who have spents hours and hours mastering the mindgame potential the old freddy had, we freddy mains just want him to still be skill based and honestly the dream snares are just a worse afterpiece tonic, and the dream pallets will be countered very easily once survivors learn them more as they can just throw them down when freddy isnt near and just memorize what pallets were and weren't there. The pallets also can be countered by swf and need time to work as double pallets will not fool any decent survivor. I hope you guy read this and maybe consider it but i just really freddy to still have a medium-high skill cap as his rework version is not difficult to use at all.


  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175

    They should probably just make an alternate version of old Freddy into a new original Killer. They made all of the dream mechanics and some people miss him, so just make a new body for the old kit after buffing/expanding it into a good spot.

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