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New Freddy VS old Freddy - Thoughts

Hello and Hope you are having a Good Day !

Now on to the Topic , Alright first of all When making a character based on a Real Figure or a Movie . I like it to be as close as possible to the Real / Movie Character

So in that Sense here are a few points I'd like to point out .

New Freddy (The Nightmare / Dream Demon

○ Identity

As His name suggests and in the Movie he Haunts his victims in the Dream World , while This New freddy now can be seen from the other World , not the Dream World only . And He roams around just like any other killer . To me he doesn't feel like Freddy anymore and not as close to his Character in the Movies and that's where old Freddy excels . He felt like Truly a Dream Demon . Maybe Weak but still has his identity .

New Power .

○ Passive Sleep Timer

I love this new Mechanic and that in his Realm Everyone is bound to fall asleep sooner or later no matter what.

○ Dream Pallets .

I also Love this even it's similar to the Doctor one . It forces Survivors to play a Memory Game . And it's powerful against injured survivors .

○ Dream Snares

I like the Animation of it , but like many said it's Weak , So I feel like it should be tweaked to not just slow Survivors down (which is a joke yet if it was buffed it'd be too op and unfair to survivors) but how about Reducing the sleep timer every time someone steps in it or causes another effect like Exhustion or if you step on 3 Dream snares you get the exposed statud effect . It needs to be powerful and scary. Something definitely needs to be done about it.

○ Gen Teleportation

I feel like this is the Best mechanic that you made for him . It's cool and Allows map Pressure . Might be a little too strong with certain perks like BBQ and Surveillance but it still has Counter play and fine as it is . I love it.

○ Basic Attack

● Old Freddy Basic attack

(From a Survivor POV). I loved the old Freddy , in Regards of only being able to hit you in his World , he can not interact with awake survivors , which makes sense since he is a Dream Demon yes He was Weak . But that's another issue.

From a Killer POV , Whenever I played old Freddy What I hated about him is that When trying to pull someone into the dream World , other Survivors can block my ability to pull the Right person into the dream world and even if so .. 5 or 7 seconds felt too long especially when it was way too easy to wake up .

● New Frdddy Basic Attack

From Survivor Pov , I haven't played as Freddy but the fact that he can hit you and make you go into his Dream World without even trying to pull you in first is Ridiculous , maybe not 7 seconds as before I hated that But he should pull you in first even 2 or 3 seconds . Considering how easy it is to wake up now . But it's just doesn't feel like a Dream Killer .

○ Add ons and The Debuffs

As far as for his add ons , the only useful ones are the jump Rope and the outdoor Rope . Yet I feel like there should be a slight basic Debuff in the Dream World maybe 2 or 3 % and then you can increase it by the add ons or Perks like thanatophobia or Dying light , the other ones that effect blindness and what not should be scratched , Class Photo feels like it received a major Nerf .

Final Words

It's Hard to form a Judgement fast and you need time but this is just a glimpse of What it'd be like if the PTB Freddy was pushed to the live environment , There are things that I like and things that I dislike about him , But the Dream World lost its meaning . It should be Scary and Penalizing in a balanced way . As for me I wouldn't be happy if Current PTB Freddy goes live both playing as Him and against him . I think his Release Should be Delayed a bit and Worked on more .

Thanks for your effort and still caring about the Game .

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