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Spirit Fury (+ Enduring) gives itself a visual (fake) token when it breaks a pallet

MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 906

When Spirit Fury is charged and it breaks a pallet, it appears to get immediately get another token. This is visual only. At tier 3 it looks as if it's already halfway charged immediately after it triggers (requires 2 tokens to activate). If you then break a pallet the perk appears to be active (icon is fully lit up) but it does not actually activate if you get hit by a pallet (the token you get from breaking a pallet with its effect is only visual, so you are at 0 but the perk lights up as if you are at 1) until you break another pallet (which now actually puts you at 2 tokens).

I was playing Freddy and also ran Enduring. Map was Badham Preschool.

To reproduce:

  • run Spirit Fury (tier 3)
  • break two pallets (Spirit Fury is now ready to activate)
  • get stunned by a pallet, Spirit Fury breaks the pallet and appears to be at 1 token immediately after breaking the pallet
  • break a pallet. Spirit Fury now appears to be active (icon is fully lit up)
  • get stunned by a pallet. Expectation: Spirit Fury activates and breaks the pallet. Reality: Does not activate
  • break a pallet
  • get stunned by a pallet, Spirit Fury now activates as expected


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