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I have a question regarding the New Freddy's Add ons.

MemeMeme Member Posts: 261
edited July 11 in General Discussions

I know they said it wouldn't be 50% like current Freddy, so I want to see if they are worth using. The purple add on that decreases action speed for each asleep survivor should be 25% max imo. My question is how much does the debuff add ons really slow the survivors? What are the numbers?

Edit: Also the block add ons should decrease the time it takes for the survivors to sleep passively. They went from good add ons to one of the worst add ons in the entire game. @Peanits



  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 251
    edited July 11

    Where is the question?

    edit after your edit 😎

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