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Attention New Players Long Post

gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 41

This is not a salt post but this is something for the new players assuming alot of you came after 2.0 update and so forth. All of you complaining the DEVs aren't doing a thing are clearly mistaken. I started playing right around time The Shape first came out way back. I remember the Huntress coming out and was excited shes free. So in this post I will put a bright light on how far this game has come to the healthy, yes healthy state it is today. The game use to be completely broken and now I feel it's good not perfect but certainly great and the average player numbers show that. It is pretty balanced on both sides. Have something you struggle with or don't like put the time in and learn and just don't run to these forum and complain. Let me take you down a trip to memory lane which many of you has never experienced. I will touch bases on both sides starting with survivor first from broken land of DBD.


First and foremost you guys complaining about pallets on the map are absurd. Their use to be 2 pallets at the shack and each jungle gym has 2 atleast. Now you actually have to plan a route to use or run windows. I literally watch someone use every pallet on the map in 2 gens a game a played the other day when it use to be atleast 4 to 5. 2 gens is nothing when all pallets are gone besides maybe one in a corner where the gens are already completed.

Ultra rare bulb was an insta blind. No aim needed just point, hit the eyes and done. You've blinded the killer. and this could be down over and over again. no problem

Fast vault was the only vault besides slow vault. There was no medium vault which is a nice touch

99% gens. Kicking gens whats that? Survivors could take a gen to 99% one touch and the killer could not do a thing about it. Matches consisted of getting 4 or all 5 gens to 99% then producing to mess with the killer until you decided to leave.

Right after that our trusty Brand New Part. BNP's use to instantly finish a generator. Oh yes instantly. The second you pushed the button to install it. Done. So games literally went from 5 gens needed to get done to who's opening the exit gates in seconds. Without the killer being able to do nothing about it.

Use to only be able to unhook someone from directly in front. Now you can come up from the sides. Which leads right into first killer one.


Trapper use to be able to put a trap smack dab in front of a person on the hook. Forcing you to disarm to even get the person off. Immediately letting you know someone is trying to get them off.

You would always set off hag traps even if you crouched. You could take them out with a flashlight but crouching still set them off.

Mori is a highly debatable thing but guess what. As soon as you downed someone before you could instantly mori then. I remember a game where Mike came out of nowhere as he normally does. Hit and hit again with machinegun build. and im getting moried. Think i have a screenshot i had like 50pts and im dead 30 secs in game. It didnt require you get hooked first at all.

Machinegun build Able to attack faster than legion ever could. The use of unrelenting + save the best for last = machinegun build you were able to down survivors faster than ever. skip to 1:39 and see how fast Jake got downed. Yes triggering I know but oh look it got fixed and game has come a long way.

Another great fix NOED noed didnt have a totem before. To combat BNPs killers were forced to run NOED. As soon as gens done. You had NOED for the rest of the game. No taking out totem. Just everyone exposed which wasnt a thing back then. Just one hits for everyone.... With Machinegn Build.....

There's still a ton of things for both sides but the main point is all these things were broken and taken of. So people today complaining about enduring being a fraction of second slower is just comical. Nobody has no clear advantage. Perks from killers you dont have show up in the shrine so cant complain about that either. Can easily play one killer or survivor and get mostly all or all the perks on them. And plz for the love of christ stop talking about paid killers. How else does a company make money. They are trademarked for a reason and adding them to the game takes time. Nobody works for free its just stupid. The fact that they even adding them shows their trying. Lastly PERKS are perks stop saying a certain killer is broken because they use a certain perk the nature of the game. Yes a perk from plague may work wonderful on someone else but thats the point ITS A PERK. Survivors sure have plenty of good one and so does killer. If you've been playing as long as me and remember something else broken or funny let me know but this is mainly for the new players or people saying the devs are doing nothing. When it's come a long way and I love the direction going in now. Not to mention them solving problems like hatch standoff with Endgame Collapse and no more 3 person games. Love this game and all that goes with it. A GREAT FUN CASUAL GAME with great support from the devs.

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