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Meg Cosmetics Are The Worst

Just feeling a little ripped off with the Meg cosmetic coming out in that new group release. Everyone else looks amazing and super badass and Meg looks... well she looks like a reject gym teacher from the 80's. She always has these awful outfits, like the tennis ones, and the running gear... the hiker isn't bad but everything else is so boring.

Could the Devs maybe stop making her have such ugly cosmetics? I'm not saying she needs makeup or long flowing hair, but my god, stop making her look so drab and boring. Maybe give her some cuter athletic gear? Give her a cute party dress like Claudette and Feng? Fix her flat/dumpy ass design lol (like literally, her ass is so flat and awkward).

Side note, my birthday is Halloween and I would DIE for some survivor costume cosmetics. Make Kate a spoopy witch (not a gross one), Adam into Frankenstein's monster, Nea a catwoman type thing (duh), Feng a sexy nurse, Meg a vampire, Jeff a werewolf, just something on theme and adorable. It would be awesome to have all the survivors get Halloween cosmetics but I mean... do a poll? Find the most popular survivors and do like... 4 dudes and 4 chicks and give them Halloween costumes!

Ok rant over :)


  • Lucy31Lucy31 Member Posts: 1

    I have to agree with this. Meg has such terrible cosmetics. Give her something cute to wear! Also, diversity in cosmetics are not the worst. I get that she is an athlete, but there is no reason to make EVERYTHING athletic for her.

    I also absolutely LOVE the Halloween suggestion. My birthday is also Halloween and would love to have a costume for my favorite survivors. Killers are well killers, so I guess they don't need Halloween costumes, but at the same time it wouldn't hurt. This being Dead by Daylight, which is a horror survivalish game should have more Halloween and horror themed things. So i feel like these types of cosmetics would be perfect for it. 10/10 would buy all of them. PLEASE! <3

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