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Sprint burst Bug/Exploit

Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 26

There's a new bug which survivors are currently exploiting.

This bug allows survivors to use sprint burst whenever they want even if its in the middle of a chase dev's please fix this.

I created this post because this is game breaking and super irritating to deal with I just had a game where I was told to kill myself, I'm a bad killer, tunneler etc. by the person who was using this exploit and his teammates.

so apparently tunneling the person abusing the exploit is not acceptable while using exploits is...Rip.

Btw I only tunneled when I realized the person was using the exploit, I never tunneled at any other point in the match.

people should be banned for using this its honestly just like the legion filthy blade exploit.


  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 959

    Dunno why you're trying to defend tunnelling, devs have said this is an acceptable strategy. But yeah, this needs a fix and now.

  • Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 26

    whoops my bad I didnt want to make it sound like I was defending tunneling,I hate tunneling but this was the exeption since I hate exploit abusers more

  • Gamer_Girl89Gamer_Girl89 Member Posts: 3

    From my understanding, it isn't an exploit (as you are still suffering from exhausted after use) but something that has always been there but no one knew. It's sprint burst on demand just like activating dead hard.

  • RexFulgurRexFulgur Member Posts: 8

    Never tunnel. Especially an exploiter. You have to catch those people off guard. You're probably low ranked so I understand. What the Devs should do is disable the perk until it gets fixed. Picture an FPS game where there's a gun with infinite ammo. The Devs would have to disable the gun or else the game will die.

  • Cartar2169Cartar2169 Member Posts: 9

    I hear people saying that this is how it should be, but then what would be the point of dead hard? Get a .5 sec dash when injured or a 3 second controlled sprint whenever without any skill involved?

    ive gone up against this 10 times in a row (I counted)

  • Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 26

    Im not low level every season before the rank reset i reach rank 1 heck I even did it with pre-rework freddy on multiple occasions however that’s nothing to really be proud of since ranking up is easy.

    however it seems to me that you probably get tunneled 24/7 so I can see why your a bit butthurt.

    anyways the devs sure they can disable the perk but why dont they announce that anybody abusing this exploit will be banned heck they did that with the legion nasty blade exploit.

  • RexFulgurRexFulgur Member Posts: 8

    I said you're PROBABLY low rank. I never said you ARE low rank. I don't tunnel as killer and killers don't tunnel me when I get unhooked. If they do, I have DS and t-bag (like an entitled survivor). I'm just saying it's not a smart idea to tunnel an exploiter and then be upset that you lost. I would be upset if I lost. I'd be really salty, but I wouldn't go after them since they're an exploiter. A red rank killer main would understand that (or someone who is skilled with both sides). The Devs won't address this issue because this bug has been around for a while now and DbD so...

  • Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 26
    edited July 17

    Whoa who said I lost, I got a 4k but for some reason the exploiter and his swf group were super salty.

    Anyways no good redrank killer would not go after the person unhooked because at that point your teammate is to blame since they just farmed you,the onlytime a killer would go after the person unhooking is if they know the person being hooked probably has DS or is protected by borrowed time.

    I even tried playing how survivors wanted me to for about a month,every game I wouldnt tunnel,slug,camp etc..and I would only get about 1 kill and the game was boring even though I ended chases in about 20-30 seconds (I dont like using ruin).

    However you play how you want if you want to be a pushover and play how other people tell you to play go ahead but Im going to play how i want to play even if that means tunneling exploiters which the main point of exploiting is to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

    this will be the last time I respond to you since you make no valid arugument and it visually hurts to read your respones.

    Edit:1 spelling error

  • TheLegendDyl4n1TheLegendDyl4n1 Member Posts: 1,124

    One of the mods told me thier aware and are working on a fix as we speak

  • AidionAidion Member Posts: 9

    I don’t know why people keep comparing this to the legion bug. It’s nothing like it that bug was actually game breaking making it 100% impossible for people to play the game against it because you would spend the whole game mending. This just adds an extra 30 seconds to a chase, less if the survivor is a potato.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 108

    You seem to refer to the first Filthy Blade bug which made the mending time bonus stack. I agree that that was completely gamebreaking and doesn't compare to this. However, the second Filthy Blades bug which gave a passive decrease to all survivor action speeds does. It wasn't totally gamebreaking but just made the Blade add-ons really strong and unfair. This compares pretty well to this Sprint Burst bug which doesn't make the game unplayable since exhaustion still works but makes Sprint Burst into a really overpowered version of Dead Hard, a perk which already sees a lot of use even with all it's drawbacks that bugged Sprint Burst doesn't have.

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