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Sprint burst Bug/Exploit

Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 14

There's a new bug which survivors are currently exploiting.

This bug allows survivors to use sprint burst whenever they want even if its in the middle of a chase dev's please fix this.

I created this post because this is game breaking and super irritating to deal with I just had a game where I was told to kill myself, I'm a bad killer, tunneler etc. by the person who was using this exploit and his teammates.

so apparently tunneling the person abusing the exploit is not acceptable while using exploits is...Rip.

Btw I only tunneled when I realized the person was using the exploit, I never tunneled at any other point in the match.

people should be banned for using this its honestly just like the legion filthy blade exploit.


  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 730

    Dunno why you're trying to defend tunnelling, devs have said this is an acceptable strategy. But yeah, this needs a fix and now.

  • Thebeandon22Thebeandon22 Member Posts: 14

    whoops my bad I didnt want to make it sound like I was defending tunneling,I hate tunneling but this was the exeption since I hate exploit abusers more

  • Gamer_Girl89Gamer_Girl89 Member Posts: 3

    From my understanding, it isn't an exploit (as you are still suffering from exhausted after use) but something that has always been there but no one knew. It's sprint burst on demand just like activating dead hard.

  • RexFulgurRexFulgur Member Posts: 3

    Never tunnel. Especially an exploiter. You have to catch those people off guard. You're probably low ranked so I understand. What the Devs should do is disable the perk until it gets fixed. Picture an FPS game where there's a gun with infinite ammo. The Devs would have to disable the gun or else the game will die.

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