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New Killer and Survivor

PaposoPaposo Member Posts: 7
edited July 12 in Creations

Hi , my idea of ​​killer: when you drop a survivor you will have the option to suck the blood that with it you suck the blood of the survivor until filling a bar [example of the spirit ,however a longer bar] when this bar fills, the killer will have the option to kill the survivor on the floor [mori], then the bar will be emptied and he will have to fill it again


1-When a wounded survivor is near you [example 8 meters], his aura will be revealed for 4/5/6 seconds

2 - the survivors' blood puddles will disappear faster, but when the killer sees the survivor's pool of blood he can make an animation that soon after he finishes it, he will see the aura of all survivors for 4 seconds [ with a recharge of 60/50/40 seconds]

3- When the killer hit a slap on the survivor, all generators at 32 meters will be blocked by the entity for 30 seconds [recharge time to use again 60/50/40 seconds]

Survivor Perk: 1- When you save a survivor, you and the survivor you saved will be left unmarked on the ground for 10/20/30 seconds

2-When you heal a survivor or heal by itself, the killer's aura will be revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds

3- When you stun the killer, you will run 150% faster than normal for 3 seconds, causing an exhaustion of 60/50/40 seconds


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