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Survivor DCing during drop from grasp isn't correctly removed from game

CosmicScientistCosmicScientist Member Posts: 41


  • Catch survivor in locker
  • Drop survivor
  • Survivor disconnects
  • Drop animation ends
  • Survivor appears to by in dying state (not dead), disconnect symbol showing, dying bar showing but only partially progresses
  • Wait for crows
  • Attempt to pick up
  • Survivor is "picked up" but not on shoulder, cannot hook
  • (as Pig) Put reverse bear trap on survivor
  • Survivor returned to floor dying state
  • Bear trap does not appear on survivor icon nor appears to activate on generator completion
  • Bleeding and Death (50 blood points) awarded, dying bar has not progressed (did not return to check on if survivor then appeared dead)
  • Does not appear to affect end of game

Played as Pig (BBQ & Chilli, Whispers, Nurse's Calling, Infectious Fright), survivor was Feng Min (perks unknown).

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