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Object and Spin chill need reworks/changes



  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,061

    Someone complaining about Spine Chill....

    The End is Nigh.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Yeah this is the last perk I would be complaining about tbh.

  • donajuanaa69donajuanaa69 Member Posts: 6

    Quit whinning omg, I'm so over seeing killers whine so much when so many killer characters are already OP, saying to nuke perks for survivors when killer perks or add ons are OP

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,954

    Object simply shouldn't work on any killer that for some reason has no terror radius at that moment (and T1 Myers of course).

    Ghostface in power, Pig in crouch, Wraith in cloak and I guess Insidious and so on - should all be immune to aura reading to be honest.

  • sluc16sluc16 Member Posts: 265

    Another killer looking for easy games. Spine chill is perfect the way it is

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