why do YOU main survivor?

toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 11

super friendly toxic clown main here.

first off i wanna say thank you to everyone who plays survivor. without you guys, us killer mains wouldn't be able to play, so i appreciate you. all of you... even the ones tea bagging at the exit gate (kinda....) :P

but i wanted to ask... why do you main survivor? whats the appeal? do you enjoy the immersion and sneaky aspect? do you enjoy being spooked and hunted? or do you just like being able to play with friends and be a part of a team?

~ a curious killer main <3



  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 6,297

    I love every aspect of survivor, killer kinda bores me.

  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 32
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    I agree with this. If i ever play killer, it's mostly because i want points quick for something, not because i enjoy it. When the survivor BP changes go live i will probably play killer even less.

    Edit: Most important, survivor isn't as stressful as killer is.

  • toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 11

    i love every aspect of killer, so i feel you. i love hunting my preyyyyyy, tracking blood, thinking like a survivor, the thrill of the chase.

    do you guys like the stealth? like is it the feeling of having a killer be 2 feet from you and him walking away in confusion?

    is it the feeling of losing a killer after being chased for 3 gens?

  • DeadByMoonlightDeadByMoonlight Member Posts: 112

    For me, survivor is just more fun to play than killer. I should note that I always play as a solo survivor. For example, I've been playing the game for about 2 years and have only ever played SWF maybe 5 times.

    As a survivor, I know that the killer is faster than me, can damage me, and that we also have objectives to worry about. It's just more fun to have all these challenges and still win once in a while. Like, my heart beat gets going in all those "oh SHIT! moments", such as trying to open the exit gate as last survivor, or a stealthy killer surprising me.

    When I play killer I'm just bored because I know I have all the advantages to win, so when I do win I'm just like 'whatever'. Usually my funnest matches as killer are when maybe 2 survivors escape because they had good teamwork or outplayed me in chases.

    I wish this game had an alternative mode where there were 2 killers and 8 survivors. That'd be fun and I'd play killer way more for the chaos of it, but also just because I enjoy team work.

  • DoubleTapDoubleTap Member Posts: 217

    I like helping people so I prefer Survivor but for the /easy-mode I prefer Killer.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 6,297

    Stealth is pretty fun, I run no mither and Iron will along with spine chill so I can avoid the killer for awhile. Chases are also really fun.

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 288
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    While it's very (VERY) frustrating when a team doesn't vibe, it feels so good when you get a group of randoms (or at least one) who works with you and tries with you, despite the odds. It feels really good to be so close to death, but still somehow manage to get out. Stealth is a lot of fun, too. It's awesome to sneak past killers. Playing with friends is definitely the biggest pull, though. I would have days or even weeks were I wouldn't play DbD unless someone asked me to SWF with them.

    EDIT: It's hard to explain, but I don't think I explained it well enough. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing much of anything after work, so I'll just lay around and watch YouTube. Like I'm tired or something. During those times, I'll sometimes play with friends if they ask me to play with them.

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  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 95

    For me it's way funner to be chased than chasing people.

    Btw, the "super friendly toxic clown" thing made my day 😂

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 93

    I started playing this since March 2019, before that I check alot of vids of DBD & Last year Nightmare. I saw LYN gives survivor ability to fight back really hard to the point Killers can not do anything, and I dont like spawn after death make a mistake feel like nothing.

    DBD, just a little mistake cost your life, and its the end, no going back. The feel of true hiding,evade,escape from the dangerous (that you can barely do anything), I like it.

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 34

    @toxic_clown I play survivor for the general feeling of helping my teammates and the rush of being chased by a bloodthirsty killer. There's nothing more intense than vaulting for your life with music blaring in your eyes and your heartbeat thumping, as well as your survivor's heavy breathing knowing they can't stop running. Also I like how you're all meant to work as a team and helping other survivors with generators as well as saving them feels necessary in my own survival capabilities. I also like survivors like Quentin and Detective Tapp because I love the films they're from. What about you? Why do you main killer and Clown for that matter?

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,373

    Cause I get more control over the map.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 313

    2 words 1 perk :HeAD oN... jk i just like to have the chance to rely on others if i mess up real bad also i like being with random ppl

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 894

    I like those heart pounding edge of the seat chases I.e. exposed/broken etc. plus it’s a lot more open to light hearted funny moments from teammates and really strong team plays feel great when you can come together with randoms and really get things done as a team and help each other out in tough situations, it’s also a lot less stressful than killer, I can play survivor for hours and play with a friend, killer I can play for a few hours but sometimes it’s just not possible to enjoy it as much. Plus every killer is different, some will be scary because they’re really good, others will play stealth killers and do a good job sneaking up, others may just camp or tunnel into a mori, it’s a mixed bag but refreshing, killer feels like a lot of the same to me sometimes...

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 11,265

    Because killer is boring. At least when I play survivor, I don't have to loop.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 2,441

    Why do I main survivor?

    I don't :3

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 61
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    Wouldn't exactly self-describe as a "main" in one way or the other, but killer I play survivor whenever the friend I play with wants to play.

    They're both fun in their own way to me.

  • AnvilAnvil Member Posts: 38

    I play both but survivor most often. I actually prefer killer, but survivors are so toxic and I can only take it in small doses. So, I'm a survivor main because the toxicity is much more manageable. I will say, however, that even that's getting to me (face-camping, tunneling, etc.) so I may need a break for a while.

    As a survivor, I really like to be immersed and out-fox the killer. Getting spooked/surprised by Meyers is super fun.

  • KnucklesKnuckles Member Posts: 118

    I like the combined teamwork that goes with playing survivor. I've never played swf so it's always been without verbal com and having others telling me what's going on and where the killer is. Keeping eyes and ears open and staying focused while utilizing everything on the map available to me is what I like. Granted, sometimes it's a quick 4k if you have a veteran killer in the mix with rookie survivors, but the challenge is always there to make something good happen.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 341

    I can't kill anyone. When I play as killer everyone get more than 20.000BP and have fun, no need to kill anyone. Often they thanks me for having best game ever. I put them in dying state and then carried then to the hook but let them escape before the hook, only to scare them.

  • drimmalordrimmalor Member, Mod Posts: 51

    I play survivor because I've made a lot of good friends in the community and it's a fun time that brings us together. I enjoy the gameplay, but I don't think I'd play nearly as much without friends. That's true for most games for me - I like the social experience.

    As far as gameplay goes, I like figuring out how a killer plays and playing the mindgames with them. Reacting to killers is where I find my fun rather than taking the proactive role.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 483

    Because I find playing Killer to be stressful and unrewarding most of the time. And I don't find this fun.

    Most of the time playing Survivor I feel like I'm taking a stroll in a park. Very relaxing.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 798

    I like to suffer in company.

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 34

    It was a typo that I only just realised 😂😂

  • OKUL_COCUGUOKUL_COCUGU Member Posts: 207

    Immersed. Ive made similar mistakes too when i panic, but not only in this game.

  • TwinbrosTwinbros Member Posts: 10

    So I'm relatively new to the game (going on..3 months now?) and while Survivor is my preferred style of play, I'm starting to not want to play Survivor. I've dabbled in Killer and it's actually a ton of fun for a multitude of reasons. And I'm finding my reasons to play Survivor shrinking because there is no real incentive to play one. I understand why Killer Q times are going up, because its not as fun playing the game as a survivor when the devs are all but giving Killers "I win" perks cough Hex Ruin or ..you know...broken Nurse.

    Now you can complain about how "hard" killers have it all you want, but the proof is in the pudding. Killer times are going up because fewer people are wanting to play survivor, and more to the point, even less games actually play out as they should because survivors are DC or suicide (and understandably so). You get more blood points on Killer, you don't need to rely on others, matches are completely and ONLY based on YOUR skill. I played Killer and didn't even have to really put any effort into my game play it was so easy.

    The fact of the matter is I think most killers are basing their "win" status on if they killed EVERY survivor, and don't consider 2-3 kills a win. If all survivors live I think the game was garbage, if all survivors die I think the game is garbage. It really has to be a 2-3 kill game for me to consider the game balanced and an actual "gg".

    Anyways my rant on why playing survivor has lost its appeal.

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