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Injured Suggestions

JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
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Since healing is becoming non-existent since adrenaline does a full heal and for most killers that are not nurse/spirit/billy to keep pressure. This suggestion came from the example of how Freddy's power degrades toward end-game.

So we have a few methods of applying this new injured effect. Now I don't know about you... If I were bleeding this severe I simply wouldn't be able to work at my finest merry ways. From my standpoint moving and vaulting/pallet drops are not actions. Healing, Saboing, Gen Repair, and opening doors are.

Method 1:

Survivor Degrades... I don't know about you but being hooked seems like it would be painful even after being pulled off.

  • Survivor: No Hooks Not Injured: Nothing is applied.
  • Survivor: No Hooks Injured: Slowdown of 1% to all actions.
  • Survivor: 1 Hook: Not Injured: Slowdown of 3% to all actions.
  • Survivor: 1 Hook: Injured: Slowdown of 4% to all actions.
  • Survivor: 2 Hooks: Not Injured: Slowdown of 6% to all actions.
  • Survivor 2 Hooks: Injured: Slowdown of 7% to all actions.

Now this doesn't seem very strong at first but this optimizes multiple hook plays. Keeping everyone injured and general balance. Essentially every hook is a slowdown of 3% while being injured is 1%. This slows down a bit of the rush and can possibly allow for an extra hook to be squeezed in somewhere.

MethOD 2:

Similar to bleeding out or the deep wounds status. If the survivor does not heal after a certain point they become broken and then fall to the dying state. They are not losing slight amounts of blood here. These are giant pools and should not have infinite blood supply. The longer you are injured during trial the shorter your hook phases and bleed out timer could be. Essentially could end up making downs insta deaths.


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