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Halloween Outfits for Survivors

Last Year we got Killer Cosmetics would be cool if we get this Year something for Survivors. :.D


  • ChantashanyChantashany Member Posts: 12

    Some ideas:

    -Dwight with a "kawaii pumpkin" hat :D

    -Nea with a black cat outfit

    -Claudette as a doctor with blood all over her body

    (-Meg as a zombie maybe? :P)

    That would be nice .. I would like some "cute halloween" cosmetics🎃

  • MoonwalkMyersMoonwalkMyers Member Posts: 82

    Thats cool :D

  • MoonwalkMyersMoonwalkMyers Member Posts: 82
    edited July 13

    Cleopatra Nea 😀

    Post edited by MoonwalkMyers on
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