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Do Killers Need A Buff?



  • HaraakHaraak Member Posts: 75

    So you have not idea about playing rank 1 on pc but you are telling us whats strong and what isnt xD

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I mean, I'm not? I'm saying killers don't need a buff, we are playing the same game so if you think my point/question is invalid because I didn't drop $1K to play this game on PC then oh well I guess? If that's the case then you really can't talk about killers needing a buff (I know you didn't say it but you seem like a killer main that complains) X3

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,054

    @VCDiamondFinder Killer is easy at lower ranks but once you get to purple and red ranks you see an obvious change in their skill level. You can’t play Leatherface against a good team and expect to win. The only four killers that are very viable against good survivors are Nurse, Spirit, Hag, and Billy. Billy can get looped and destroyed by a good team and Hag takes FOREVER to set up and is countered hard by flashlights. Which leaves only Nurse and Spirit to play if you don’t want to get bullied to an oblivion.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still potatoes at high rank, I can crush potatoes as Plague and Trapper but it doesn’t mean I’m good. You’ll never win as a low or even mid tier killer against survivors who know how to loop. You’re stuck playing the only two viable killers in the game against good survivors.

    A lot of times I have to prey on their altruism but if they’re smart they won’t fall for it. They will just get the generators done.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    And I get that, but what I'm saying is it shouldn't be 4k everyday easy till rank 10 and then pure frustration to rank 1, but I still think it isn't that hard if you play your cards right and punish the right survivors on the right time, I might just be lucky, but a buff to killers isn't the answer, just like taking even more pallets out and removing safe pallets also isn't the answer, I would love to bounce ideas to balance the game off you since im a survivor minded person just trying to figure out why killers need a buff

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 337

    Killers don't need a global generic buff. But a few of them could use some QoL/redesign.

    Its more about how the maps are designed/generated and the massive way add-ons and perks can effect the ebb and flow of the game.

    Survivors don't need anything to be effective. Perks and add-ons just make their job easier. Meanwhile most killer are very add-on and perk reliant, as their base power are not effective enough and easily dealt with by any half competent survivor.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,054

    I’m not in the camp of “killers need a buff”. In general I believe killers are in the most balanced spot they’ve been in ever. Many killer players are very whiny and feel entitled to a 4K every game. You can play Nurse and Spirit and EASILY 4K regardless of players skill.

    It’s a lot of maps that need a rework. Haddonfield is WAY too survivor sided and can spawn literal infinities. The Crotus Prenn middle building is the strongest structure in the game, it is terrible and you can loop the killer for the entire game. The Game should not have over 10 safe pallets. When you have the safe room of doom above the bathroom and the two safe pallets beside the hallway of the bathroom and then 8 more scattered around the map it makes it very irritating.

    Some maps are just way too damn big like Rotten Fields, Red Forest, and Yamaoka.

    DBD is the most balanced it has ever been but map reworks would help A LOT. Killers don’t needs buffs. Although the lower tier ones need changes.

  • SlayerSlayer Member Posts: 1,148
    edited July 2019

    Addon dependant means that you just have to equip addons for them to get good? So do it.

    BP is not an issue when you have nurse and bbq

    If you going to remove survivors perk then you ll have no surviors to play againtst

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 337

    It mean the base power is underwhelming and among the mountain of crap add-ons there is only 2 or 3 that are good and actually do something. Rarity is irrelevant. Some brown add-ons can be excellent and some red are useless garbage.

    Nobody is talking about removing survivor's perks. I'm just making the point that survivors don't rely as much on perks and espcially add-ons as killers do.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    Objective wise that's true, but if survivors wanna double pip I can assure you even 4 perks cannot save them, on base power 1v1 is a killers game, 2v1 is the same, 3v1 is a hope for survivors while a 4v1 can go either way, perks and add-ons are what divide the good and bad these days, and if you feel survivors don't rely on perks, looks to prem, borrowed time, adrenalin, lithe, balanced landing, self care. My point would be killers could use a couple more viable perks so it's not always BBQ, NOED, Ruin and a random 4th perk that is pretty much always a hex or a teachable

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I will agree the lower end ones could use changes, and sorry for assuming you thought that way, just a lot of comments to read and I get mixed up, but I'm interested to hear what you think could balance maps out for killer and survivor

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,606

    @VCDiamondFinder - You've been playing for a year so you have picked up killer skills simply by playing survivor. Rank 15-20 is where the new players live but it gets harder from there as you will soon get very experienced solos that only play occasionally plus plenty of casual SWF teams that have an advantage just by using comms.

    Ignore people that suggest your opinion doesn't matter if you haven't achieved rank 1. The game needs to be balanced for all ranks.

  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 911

    Red ranks (I think ranks 1-3?) You literally have to max out every category to double pip. Even if you destroy the survivors under 3 minutes, you're going to get punished.

    I mean, come on. If you stomp on a team, it gives you a black pip. That's basically the system saying "oops lol I guess I didn't weigh the skill of both teams correctly. This match doesn't count, my bad!"

    It's incredibly insulting.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I understand it'll be harder the lower you go, which is the point if a ranking system (today I'm going to get as low as I can on my stream) but I have a few tests to run on rank 15-20 and so far it makes it impossible to survive if your not someone who is willing to learn everything to win. I've also faced some green ranks recently roughly 5-7 ranks ahead of me and still 4k them, is that just the lobby being weird or SWF?

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    And it won't be fixed with a general killer buff, and I have been on both sides if you read every comment, I was a survivor main for a year and had this happen a lot where the killer got gen rushed and the game ended in 5 minutes, the thing is that game there was no pressure, nothing to stop the gen progression, and the killer was swinging widely everywhere, there we plenty of mistakes on his part. I think both sides could use more perks but with survivors getting more specific to help solo or hook effects while killers could use more viable perks, I'm thinking it's not always the killer, but the perks they can use since all the good ones are teachable

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,054

    Rotten Fields- Shrink the map. The map is literally 90% corn and 10% tiles on the outside of the maps with the killer shack in the middle and a few combines. It makes the matches long and boring while it takes killers with little map pressure a LONG time to traverse the map. Maps between the sizes of Coal Tower (132) and Azarov’s Resting Place (168) are perfect. Red Forest is another one that needs to be shrinked, even more than Rotten Fields.

    Crotus Prenn- Make it so there is only one window that is accessible. There is two to three VERY safe windows downstairs and many drop off upstairs that can make it an infinite with Balanced Landing. Not to mention there is FOUR safe pallets in an already safe building. You know there is an issue when killers have to abandon chase when survivors get to that area.

    Haddonfield- Literally every building can be an infinite. The Myers’ house is the worst offender along with the basement area where you can see which side of the stairs the killer is coming from. It’s so bad I don’t even know how to change it. The whole map should just be scrapped and re-done. It is so bad I’ll DC sometimes depending on the killer I am playing.

    Ormond- Scratch marks are barely visible and auras are very faint. The middle building is pretty bad as well but not as bad as Asylum. It’s a beautiful map but my frames drop heavily on that map.

    Off topic but I also HATE the newer jungle gym tile layouts on every map after Yamaoka.

    If you watch Scott Jund’s video titled “Operation Styptic Agent” he goes into detail about changes to killers and map changes that I think are very balanced changes. I don’t agree with removing collision from Spirit while phasing but I’m probably bias.

  • OnionthingOnionthing Member Posts: 421

    Maps need tweaks.

    Killers need tweaks based on maps.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 546

    Most killers need buffs/QOL improvement to aid them at higher ranks (like wraith, doctor, legion, pig, etc.) other killers dont really need anything though, but maybe some add on nerfs/buffs would help (like nerfing Prayer Beads, Omega blink, 3 blink + range add ons, but then buffing other add ons so they arent literally useless.)

  • SlayerSlayer Member Posts: 1,148
    edited July 2019

    Just play like i do. Play slower when there are 2 survivors left. Let them save each other etc. 2 survivors cant do anythnig. If they give up just keep on bullying them.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    So far I'm with you my guy, but would you mind getting a link to that guys video? I have never heard of him before

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I can understand Legion, I liked the Freddy rework, but Wraith is already a pretty good killer in good hands, if his invisibility was nerfed a little I wouldn't mind new or better add-ons that are easy to get, but The Pig is a good killer based in what I saw, she just is a harder killer to play then most and her perks aren't the best, so maybe introducing more viable perks? The Doctor is just a meme at this point, I haven't met anyvify who plays him for any other reasons than farming, but if they wanted to buff him, in my opinion, remove his shock state and make it passive so it does a pulsating shock every 5 seconds to every survivor in his killer radius, and every swing also shocks survivors?

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,725

    @MegMain98 please don’t underestimate LF, he is pretty underrated. Killers don’t need buffs but reworking maps would help a lot.

  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 156
    edited July 2019

    the main problems is that you have against strong survivers long chases and the gens are too easy to be finished. We need something that slows the gens or a second objectiv that would be a great buff for killers or not so many save pallets that you can mindgame them. and a another problems are the perks some surviver perks are stronger then the killer perks then many of them has no counter and perks like bbq, ruin or noed has counters that aren't that hard.

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  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I'll do this in parts

    Slow the game down huh, Overcharge? Ruin? Haunted Ground (opinion)? BBQ? Some perks don't say they slow gens but add a ton of pressure and make staying on one gen harder, also strong survivors? So the ones that belong at a Red rank? We need to counter survivors that are good at the game?

    A second objective would be cool but removing pallets still isn't an answer, also save pallets? That all of them, so if you think a way to balance the game is to remove a survivors only 100% defence against killers is kiiiiiiinda stupid. Unless you mean safe pallets in that case you mean to have only 1 or 2? Cause then that would leave almost 5 pallets in a map, unless you want more unsafe ones that nobody will use.

    Perks? Like? Adrenaline is only good after gens are done, Sprint Burst is useful for escaping a killer as soon as they see you but doesn't always work, Self-Care is just better than a med-kit. What other perk is stronger than a killers? If you can figure out who has what perks then it should be fine. But what do you suggest they do? Remove them? Nerf them? To what extent? Also counters? Like what? You hit them and they can't use it? Killers perks are easy to counter only if you expect them so is it that hard to expect killers to expect a player running these strong perks?

  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 156
    edited July 2019

    So where should i begin First: i don't want all save pallets nerfed i want mindgameable pallets not save or unsave pallets. Idk where i said "remove all save pallets" but ok i just mean that you should have 6 or 7 save pallets but not 10 or 11 save pallets. Perks like Balanced landing, or Adrenalin have no counter some perks like Dstrike have a counter but wait 60 sec until Dstrike is over is just a ridicoulis time waste and in that time they can easy finish 1 or 2 gens. Perks like overcharge or pop goes the weasel doesn't really slow the game down. Yes we need to nerf the surviver because if you don't play nurse or spirit it´s ridicoulis how long a good surviver can chase a killer even the killer is good. i don't think you play on rank 1 as killer but if no pls go on rank 1 play somematches and i hope then you will get what i mean.

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  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    See I don't think you actually understand what I meant, with pallets being removed, removing more won't do anything. BL and Adrenaline? What counter do you suggest they have? Because 1 works only at the end and the other doesn't work if you have exhaustion, so any killer chase they can only be used once unless you let them escape. The thing is if you wanna balance the game at rank 1 then you make it unbalanced at other ranks, the game should should be balanced at all ranks but you can't do that, no game is balanced at all points. And I have issues surviving at rank 10 as survivor because killers are hard to play against when you aren't good, so I play killer and am pretty much 4k everyday, it's not a challenge, and I feel rank 1 would just be a longer version of the same and if not then I need to get better not complain the game isn't balanced because I'm not that good

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 5,745

    I wonder how long it’ll take @VCDiamondFinder to reach the stage where they’re stunned just how much hard work it takes just to pip even against a mix of green and purple ranks.

    Look @VCDiamondFinder is kinda right in theory. You can do well/ok with any killer of your choosing if you’re prepared to accept that it takes a huge amount of hard work, and even then you can exert a lot of high skill and still suffer A LOT of embarrassing losses.

    Oh, and for the record, old Freddy was incredibly viable against high ranks. Most just didn’t know it. If you didn’t focus too greatly on chases, and worked on denying survivors gen repairs, you could wear the group down and take advantage of their desperation.

  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 156

    So i see with you comment you aren't really a high rank player. First of all yes maybe Adrenalin is a end game perk but its not really hard too surviver until all gens are done if you know how to play. And i never said we can balance this game 100% but we could balance this game much better. Yes surviver would have problems on the other rangs on beginn but that is normal i mean surviver are in the moment the stronger side and if we would change that they would have problems to beginn but is that a reason why we should let this game so unbalanced ??? it shouldn't be easy as surviver it should be harder to escape but it isn't. I mean rework some pallets not remove them. 10 or more save pallets is to hard for a killer we need mindgame pallets so we can do something against good survivers. Maybe for you on rank 10 or idk its for you easy but play on rank 1 killer some matches then you see it isn't.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 62

    I really wish you were right but I've been facing green and a couple purple rankes, and aside from the flashlight save that was MY FAULT, I honestly cant say playing killer is any fun because it's way too easy. In survivor I have to worry about doing everything to pip even once, and survivors depip just from being tunneled, I just played 3 matches as a survivor and pipped once because I got tunneled and camped off the bat and didn't have time to even live. Sure killer can be hard but when I sit there and look at the higher rank killers and see something wrong they tend to blame survivors being too OP. And yeah losing is apart of the game, but it isn't fun to play 20 games as killer and have only 1 survivor live, I don't see it as fun (I have a stream I had about this) and it's not really making things better when killers call for nerfin survivors only survival tool. And Freddy in my opinion was bad, he's a lot of fun now but it took time to make him truly a massive threat without seeing him as a free win.

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