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Do Killers Need A Buff?



  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 88

    So i see with you comment you aren't really a high rank player. First of all yes maybe Adrenalin is a end game perk but its not really hard too surviver until all gens are done if you know how to play. And i never said we can balance this game 100% but we could balance this game much better. Yes surviver would have problems on the other rangs on beginn but that is normal i mean surviver are in the moment the stronger side and if we would change that they would have problems to beginn but is that a reason why we should let this game so unbalanced ??? it shouldn't be easy as surviver it should be harder to escape but it isn't. I mean rework some pallets not remove them. 10 or more save pallets is to hard for a killer we need mindgame pallets so we can do something against good survivers. Maybe for you on rank 10 or idk its for you easy but play on rank 1 killer some matches then you see it isn't.

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    I really wish you were right but I've been facing green and a couple purple rankes, and aside from the flashlight save that was MY FAULT, I honestly cant say playing killer is any fun because it's way too easy. In survivor I have to worry about doing everything to pip even once, and survivors depip just from being tunneled, I just played 3 matches as a survivor and pipped once because I got tunneled and camped off the bat and didn't have time to even live. Sure killer can be hard but when I sit there and look at the higher rank killers and see something wrong they tend to blame survivors being too OP. And yeah losing is apart of the game, but it isn't fun to play 20 games as killer and have only 1 survivor live, I don't see it as fun (I have a stream I had about this) and it's not really making things better when killers call for nerfin survivors only survival tool. And Freddy in my opinion was bad, he's a lot of fun now but it took time to make him truly a massive threat without seeing him as a free win.

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    You know everybody keeps saying to get to rank 1 like it's some sort of way to dismiss others opinions, and you probably aren't but it feels like you're saying I don't have a complete sense of the game. For me I don't play every day, I play with friends and when I'm bored, so it shouldn't have to be a grind to get perks and frustrating losses because the killer decides to camp or tunnel. I find it hard to pip at rank 13 let alone rank 10 survivor, but maybe I'm bad at playing survivor. And honestly I feel that people complain about survivors because 1 or 2 escape maybe all of them, but it shouldn't be that every game is only 1 maybe 2 escape, it should be how it is, yeah some pallets could use changes, but I can promise you that changing pallets and perks, with buffing killers will only make the game unplayable for the people who don't put every waking moment into this game. I like playing it, but honestly I just feel it's in an tender place where if you tip the scale a little its gonna make everybody freak out and make one side too overpowered

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    You don't have to spend one thousand dollars on a PC to run DBD.

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    So nerf gens

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