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To DbD lovers: I am worried about playerbase numbers



  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175

    The length of this post is the only reason it's not getting more props. It's pretty much nailed it. DbD is the Facebook or Youtube of asymmetrical horror games: Terrible and unyielding in its ways, with a highly toxic community, but utterly unrivalled so it's them or nothing. They're using this chokehold to deny every other game licensed killers, as well, so they can pocket their DLC money on a regular basis and stop caring once the sale is made, with no hope of competition.

  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,114
    edited July 2019

    You were already told the spike in numbers in september was due to the free week

    This is mere bait

    you arent opening anybodys eyes

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  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 947

    Imo, ingame I haven't meet many toxic people.

    I guess that also depends how someone approaches other players. I guess would I have facecamp, my endgame chats would have look differently.

    That said, shortly after I posted in the steam forums I needed to make my steam profile privat. I was not offended by the crap some people needed to write, but I also don't like to moderate my steam profile 24/7. So it ended privat^^.

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Have you seen deathgarden that game needs to come to console and be free to play in order to stay alive

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,606

    On a positive note, the continuing drop should be lessened as the devs have got rid of some of the worst things that were in the game: poor framerate, DS, MoM, hatch standoff, blendettes and The Legion.

    Although I am still bitter about The Legion as I was playing him fairly.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,759

    Why does everyone look at PEAK players? Why not look at AVERAGE players instead. It better reflects how many people play the game on a REGULAR basis.

    The game is slowly, but steadily growing since summer 2017.

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111

    At this point I would like someone from BHVR to say something and release Official Charts that take into conaideration all the platforms.

    We can just speculate - we all have valuable hypothesis - but after the 3y celebration I believe is time for a bit of clarity from our beloved devs (not sarcastic).

    I dont feel they are going in a totally wrong direction so I would like a lot to hear from them.

    @Peanits @not_Queen can you please turn in the light on the past 12 months playerbase trends?

  • thedevalexthedevalex Member Posts: 281

    You should have seen in March/April 2017 the game was genuinely bleeding players and everyone was preparing for its death with only 8k players average. They really managed to pull it back on its feet.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,474

    Oh god, it's this guy again.

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    The numbers are fine, there's been a solid 20k average on steam alone for nearly a year now

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 895

    Looking at average players is what intelligent people who understand how statistics truly work do. There's no place in this thread for logic!

  • MySpaceBarsBrokenMySpaceBarsBroken Member Posts: 167

    The reality of playing killer is that the integrity of the match and your experience is entirely protected in your favor. Killers control the game, even the worst killers have tools and mechanics built in where they can have control and still enjoy their experience even in the the most brutal scenario (hardcore SWF).

    I wish i could say a survivors experience was just as protected. However, tunneling and camping is something that exists. If the killer decides to chose you for any reason what-so-ever (maybe you looped good or maybe just have TTV in your name, maybe the killer just doesnt like bills.) what is the result? Tunneling and camping of course.

    Any survivor main can agree that they feel like they have literally no control over their experience in the former situation especially in a solo que, if someone gets you off the hook without borrowed and the killer just waits and goes for you, guess what, youre dead! Not a thing you can do to prevent it in the slightest, not even ping message to your team to NOT farm you. You just die. And is a major turn off for any gamer. Who would choose to play a game of david vs goliath except youre on a hook with no functioning controls. you are at a massive disadvantage in a more common than not, 1v1 situation.

    Im not suggesting buff survivors. But if there was base kit borrowed time before the doors were powered, killers would know about it and choose not to tunnel, and even if they did they know theyre dealing with borrowed. Regardless, it protects the integrity of the match. Protects the experience of the survivor being tunnelled, actually giving them a CHANCE to control their character and make a play.

    Moving on with this understanding and back to the topic of player base. BHVRs mindset is "Well if one players being tunneled and camped then the other 3 survivors must be having a good time and progressing towards the objective, ensuring that at least 4/5 players in the match are having a good time" At the expense of 1 minority player getting the [BAD WORD] end of the stick. But what happens next BHVR? You expect that player to continue being your scapegoat? No. After repeated experiences THEY QUIT!! So who takes their place when the next tunneling killer comes along??????? REPEAT THE CYCLE.

    What we have here is a steadily decreasing player base. And I think BHVR fully understands this, and is choosing to solute the problem by different means. rather than make the game fun for all 5 players, they accept that people quit games eventually and think If they keep attracting a steady income of new players, the player base should equalize, also riding on the coattails of their licenses and therefor monopoly of this flavor of game, should be enough to keep them afloat for a few more years. New killer every 3 months, licensed killer every 6 months. Just think about how many people bought this game just because they were fans of the scream movies. I know I only bought this because i was attracted to the idea of playing jigsaw. Why do you think theyre targetting stranger things next??

    With still just 1 game mode after 3 years, you have to just accept that BHVR doesnt see their own work as having a long lifespan. They focus on immediate payout rather than long term quality.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,759

    I honestly think I dont have ever read this much nonsense in a post on this forum before. And the worst thing is, its not even a bait!

    Like, holy [BAD WORD], how can you even think that the killer is in control of the game?

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    Sometimes people are so far deluded you just can't try to rationalize with them. It's really not worth the effort.

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111

    1 day has passed and no official answer about this topic that - obviously - is a common concern.

    Today is monday, so I think we will receive some official answer by BHVR and let's hope we receive good news.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 536

    I have yet to find non toxic multiplayer game so I disagree that toxicness is not the issue. People who love pvp are not going to drop this game forever because of said reason.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 536

    Is the issue*

    Forum is still not fixed I see... Can't edit posts.

  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 911


    Wait what.

    Did you mean Springwood?

    I'll gladly take both at the same time, though. LOL!

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111
    edited July 2019

    Thank you Peanits,

    Yes thats looks much more detailed even if it's a bit more difficult to read a trend.

    Basically apart from a twitch viewers decrease (red line) the playerbase (blue) seems to be constant, with a slight decrease of the baseline but basically we are around 25k - 30k players for the last 12 months (in green free weekends/discounts).

    Can we consider this official stats or you can provide any official one?

    I assume this is something BHVR constantly monitors in a more comprehensive way than some free tool online...

    Really a pity that the game doesn't manage to capitalize more from those spikes.

    It would be interesting to know the share of killers/surv players on those avg. 27k players... (saw some queue posts popping up again on the forum).

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  • MySpaceBarsBrokenMySpaceBarsBroken Member Posts: 167

    Heres a more tame TL:DR for you-

    When most games gain popularity, their player base shoots up as the game furthers in development. Dead by daylight has only stayed the same, despite its existence being more widely known. It has the potential to be so much bigger, if they just focused on fixing the integrity of each players experience, not just most players some of the time, and put their resources into protecting the life span of the game.

    Use the engine and ingredients that you already have to make some new game modes perhaps? I'm infinitely sure even a half-assed game mode would provide a lot of much need change of pace for people so they .

  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 610

    It's because of mainly the toxicity. The community is already super toxic and as more people come to the game I find it increases more and more. No one wants to play a game where they have to put up with toxic players 24/7. The other major problem is queue times. They are incredibly long right now on the killer side (at least on console) and it gets annoying waiting 15 minutes to find a lobby just because you would rather play one role over the other. I have heard YouTubers/Twitch streamers say that the game is no longer fun to play like it used to be and I don't think they would still be playing it if it wasn't for the fact that switching games would kill their channels.

  • FaoFao Member Posts: 16

    When a courb in a graph like stramchart pull a spike that much bigger than normal, it makes all the average and old spikes looks smaller. The actual stats from this courb show a significantly increased average number of player since the 75k spike and by now this number haven't fall below a threatning treshold at all. Which treshold start approximatly at 25k average player. They came from 15-25k to 75k and now they still are between 35-45k. All is normal, line is beating not flatning

  • liquidlightliquidlight Member Posts: 285
    edited January 11

    I found this so funny. I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm. But I will say in cosmetics defense... if the devs would just make it fair for all the killers/survivors, as in when its Christmas make sure EVERY character gets an outfit/skin rather than just three, I think people would appreciate it. People love certain characters and I get super bummed when a holiday comes along and the characters I like to play don't get an outfit/skin. Look at Fortnite. You seriously can't go wrong with introducing skins/outfits to the game. People love it. But be fair about it. Make sure everyone gets something and stop using it as incentive to purchase or play other chars. It's messed up and greedy in a sleezy way.

    Having said that... the game should be in good functioning order before focus should go to cosmetics. I honestly think DBD is one of the most unique games I've ever played but it does have some major issues. Implementing a casual mode, a competitive mode, and maybe even some goofy modes like a moshpit where its all the killers (one of each being played at the same time) hunting and killing 50 survivors on a huge map with the correct amount of generators necessary and a few more gates sounds hella fun to me because it would just be chaos. Yeah, it would have to be figured out but it's not impossible. Even a 2 killers vs 8 survivors would be exciting and different. Killers would be competing for kills and heck, maybe they could fight each other (stun one another for a short time). I'd eat popcorn and watch that. lol Anyway, I got sidetracked. 🤪

    OMG and this game with Battlefront 2's graphics (especially in Ewok mode) would be awesome. 🤯

    Edit: Moshpit mode wouldn't even have to have an escape. It could just be last player standing (or longest living or maybe there's some sort of auto-escape feature for the last person) and killer with the most kills as the victors. Just a weird idea. One of many I have. lol

  • AesthetiksAesthetiks Member Posts: 29

    this is a necro... but still relevant in 2020

  • DeltinDeltin Member Posts: 240

    doesn't really work when a rank 20 killer is versing a 4man swf of rank 1's

  • DeltinDeltin Member Posts: 240

    survivors are more toxic and entitled than killers, just saying... you can come at my throat, but it's true. the ammount of threats and crap killer's get post game compared to killers giving it to survivors is outstanding. sure the killer's may play toxic, but when the game's done who's the real toxic one?

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