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Is possible derank without being reported?

YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
edited July 14 in General Discussions

Good afternoon, today (and even 2-3 days right know) i got a lot frustrating to find "ONLY", survivors without burrow time (i don't wanna talk about it please) and i'm serious, nurse, hill billy and spirit and all of them with b&c,ruin and nurse calling (and honestly idk why they don't nerf them yet...well...maybe ruin not but whatever), anyway...i want to know if is possible to derank without ruin th experience to the others players until low ranks so atleast "I COULD" have a bit of fun.

thank you very much to all.


  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    and honestly idk why they don't nerf them 

    Because it's you who needs to get better and not them to be nerfed.

  • YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
    edited July 15

    i get for 4 season in a row rank honestly idk how what are you talking about, and also for "4" games i tried to save my companies (as always, i never let someone behind when i play surv if is really possible) tanking an hit to let time run away so atleast i did my job to help my companies and how it ended? i was the only one that died for noed fault, and how i get rewarded? losing a pip even after doing 1 and 1/2 gens, save 2 people and get chased for a bit more than 90+ seconds...and you are saying that's right?

  • YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
    edited July 15

    and forgot to mention that i cleaned "even" the ruin totem

  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    I wasn't talking about the pip system, i was replying especifically to what you said about nerfing killers.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 599

    Who hasn't cleansed ruin? 9.9

    What you're describing isn't exceptional play, it's bang on average.

    Go ahead, derank, no one's stopping you. Focus on altruism, save and heal people for points, grab some totems, but if you don't touch gens you'll likely depip/safety rather than going up. Nice way to go down without being a douche about it.

  • KnayterKnayter Member Posts: 79

    Before I have to derank to actually find a game as a survivor, by just disconecting after everyone got out, but now I cant even do that anymore because of the ranking bugs, now I just cant play as much as I used to, since if I grind too much I will make the game unplayable for myself

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 2,956

    is this a hidden "BBQ and Nurses are OP" post?


  • YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
    edited July 15

    So besically the answer about all of it is:"you are playing survivor? Well, you get bambuzzle then."...very cheering all of this...i'm start thinking even the devs are going to say it.

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  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,226

    You want to derank to have fun because you're tired of seeing the same killers at red ranks with meta perks. Well first you're in for disappointment as those same meta perks are at purple, green, and yellow ranks. That's why their meta. You will also still see nurse, spirit, billy, and hag a lot at lower ranks. They are good for a reason and that doesn't change at any rank.

    Now lets also flip this around. You're trying to find out how to derank to have fun, but you've got an amount of skill to be in red ranks. That means you're trying to play in ranks against killers who are less skilled than you and shouldn't be facing. Is that going to be fun for those killers? Not at all. Killer is the most stressful role and when you get one or two survivors who've deranked into the lower ranks that just makes it even more stressful. Especially, since it is lower ranks where you may still be trying to learn how to properly optimize your play. Suddenly having people that aren't on par with you and in fact much stronger than you has the opposite effect. Just stay where you are and learn to optimize as much as possible for that rank.

  • YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
    edited July 15

    About that you are right, i can't say otherwise, i mean yeah is unfair being matched with someone that isn't at my same are right on this point...BUT about wich role is more frustrating i have to say you are wrong from my point of view, when i play as killer i get frustrated only when i get looped and after that the chase ends with 2-3 pallet on the face that stun me, here i get even mad, meanwhile when i try to play survivors i am always frustrated, always, play survivors is like 3 times more frustrating than play as killer and i get even "MORE" when there is a killer that oneshot you...and taht's why i prefere play only legion as killer, atleast i'm 50/50 from both size, 50% from the size of the killer and 50% from survivor size.

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 488

    OoO and No Mither would probably derank you pretty fast.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 485

    My advice take a break for a month or two and let rank reset do it's job. I got all the way to rank 1 as killer and rank 4 as survivor and it just stops being fun and becomes more of a chore. Take the break let yourself get familiar with the game again and let yourself get to your ideal rank. Mine is high green to low purple rank, then you can play for fun and stop getting kills to rank up. I had a match where i was doing a daily as the pig and since i wasn't playing for kills i used the pigs stealth to just keep terrorising the survivors when they think they're safe to work on a generator. Got 0 kills but 8000 points in 3 of the categories.

  • YubelTheWitchYubelTheWitch Member Posts: 26
    edited July 16

    mate i don't care about the rank, i want have some fun, on a game where i bought and also i bought all dlc...can i have some fun on what i buyed? can i? i want just have fun and if in the midway there is a challenge even better! but face a nurse,hillbilly or a spirit is not fun and challenging just frustrating and anti fun for survivors, why we should just watch our killer side and not in the survivor this time?

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  • BeanieBoyBobBeanieBoyBob Member Posts: 136

    @YubelTheWitch At the start of the trial, intentionally find the killer and start chases. Make sure to get them to keep their attention on you and not your teammates. If the killers are as "sweaty" as you are advising, then you should be getting caught relatively soon-ish after the chase starts. Don't make it obvious that you want the depips, but rather play yourself off as a 'potato' or a 'bad player' by making intentional decisions that only affect yourself rather than your team.

    By being the one who does the chases, you are taking the pressure away from the teammates that don't want to de-rank and therefore puts you in the driving seat of how you yourself want to perform (as you don't want to score many points in any emblem category to rank up, e.g. gens - but with the exception of the Chase category), and allows them to do gens and score points in the long run.

    I'd advise giving this a try, it usually works quite well if you want to hang around the low ranks a while.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,226

    Most players are looking to have fun, but it is also designed to be competitive. If you've gained enough skill to get to purple and red ranks consistently then that means you need to be playing in those ranks. The game is literally designed in such a way as that it is very difficult to get out of the place where you should be playing. Even if you start depipping the game will only let you drop so many levels before you can't progress further back. The only way to go further back is to sit out a season and let the game rank reset to a lower capstone level.

    Though once you start playing again if you don't start throwing games every so often you will just go right back to where you were because the players your facing won't present much of a challenge to keep you from doing well. The only other option would be to play less than you normally do so you never get too many levels in a single sitting. Which depending on you enthusiasm for the game could be hard to do. You bought a game that is competitive first, horror second, and fun last. That's the true form of DBD.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 3,181

    Deranking just ruins the experience for people that actually belong in the rank. Please stay where you belong and just get better at the game like everyone else.

  • PurvDaddy013PurvDaddy013 Member Posts: 16

    Looks like your English Depipped rather than your survivor rank...🙄

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