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New Rework Freddy OPINION and CHANGES

Im gonna tell you guys my toughts on the Rework Freddy, I hope the devs see this and takes into account my opinion.

First off all, Freddy looks really well made now, its powerfull enough but not OP, his new abilities are very fun to use and the new visuals and sounds are great. However, there should be made some changes and Im gonna list them here:


- DREAM SNARES get replaced with DREAM PALLETS, meaning that DREAM SNARES should be an addon and not the other way around

- the teleport ability should complete its animation on the GENERATOR even if you cancel the ability

- DREAM PALLETS should have 8 tokens, not 10 (10 seems a bit too much)

2. Visuals:

- DREAM WORLD should be DIMMED down alot, its TOO BRIGHT now and my eyes hurt and also can BARELY SEE AURAS. My opinion is the DREAM WORLD should stay the same as in old Freddy, maybe just a bit brighter.


- when I hit a survivor instead of the slow down from the recovery I got speed boosted and managed to place another hit as soon as the animation ended, Im preety sure thats not how its supposed to work, and it happened to me several times.

- got some animation freezes here and there, when placing down Dream Pallets, running or attacking.

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