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New Features for Skill-checks

JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
edited July 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

This feature above would also be a neat addition changing the boring 'make it a macro' struggle phase into a better designed mechanic around skill checks. However, there are even more suggestions I would have.

General Design:

Essentially what would happen is that when you are within the terror radius of the killer the skill checks can have different attributes. The few attributes I am thinking about are the following:

  • The little tick mark that determines where you stop on the skill check rotates counter-clockwise. A mechanic that would catch you off guard.
  • The skill check meter itself spins in the opposite direction of the tick mark. Again this makes it so you are under pressure trying to hit a timed and moving object.
  • The great and good skill check sides swap. So if you miss the great skill check you bust it not hit a good.
  • Skill checks also will happen slightly more frequently during this case.
  • Possibly combos of the attributes above. Feel free to make suggestions that change up this mechanic.

These skill checks would not affect the mechanic above for Struggle Phase. However, it is more ways that skill checks can be implemented in new ways. That change up the standard Hold M1.

Perks Effects:

All standard skill check changing perks would be implemented in their current standing. However, calm spirit would gain a buff allowing you to keep calm under pressure and heavily reduces the chance at these skill checks appearing for you. That or reduces the speed at which the skill check is rotating to make it easier to deal with the changes.

Affected SkillChecks:

Repairing, Healing, and Sabotage skill checks.


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