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Something's strange about the next chapter...


AMAlolAMAlol Member Posts: 31

so i got this idea out of my mind and decided to tell you guys !

anyway listen

the killer name will be : The Chef

weapon : cleaver or kitchen knife

throwing weapons : butter Knife or Chicken Leg 😂

hes outfits will be a kitchen suit , a tank top with old jeans like a lonely drunk man in a home if you know what i mean

the survivor will be the costumer : cody Young

he will be just like a jock from f13 buggzy but way more good cosmetics

tell me yours two and tell my how much you like this idea ?


  • LEG1onLEG1on Member Posts: 3

    I love the thought of a fat chef lumbering around the map. But Huntress throws weapons and The Shape already has a kitchen knife. His Mori could be putting a meat grinder on the survivors foot then he could chop at the head while they are incapacitated.

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