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Hey guys!
To give you a better idea of what's happening with our forum, we decided to create this discussion.
Come back here from time to time if you want to see what's been changed and what we are working on.



  • Increased reactions font size to 11px for even better visibility.
  • Fixed white-on-white Spoilers content.


  • Always-bold-text while typing a comment is fixed.
  • White-on-white quotes are fixed.
  • Changed "Vote Up" count color to orange for better visibility.
  • Attached the Twitter widget to the right side on all forum pages.
  • DEAD BY DAYLIGHT logo at the top is no longer offset (I know, we can't believe it either).

JULY 3RD 2019

  • Down Vote reaction is disabled.

JUNE 18TH 2019

  • New line was added to the Forum Community Guidelines: The use of alternate accounts (in any way) is not tolerated.

May 27th

  • Members can now Edit their own posts without any time limit.
  • Members can now attach files from their PC (feature should have been active from the start, sorry about that)
  • Added new Looking For Players Subforum -- http://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/looking-for-players
  • A remark to the Forum Community Guidelines was made: long posts are fine, if they aren't nonsense.

    Before: Do not create abruptly long posts if there's no need for it (i.e. ASCI art, spamming absurd amount of text, symbols, emojis, etc.) Good example of acceptable long post is publishing a Gameplay Guide. | Now: Do not create abruptly long nonsense posts (i.e. ASCII art, spamming absurd amount of irrelevant text, symbols, emojis, etc.) Exception: Off Topic Subforum (to some extent, please do not get carried away)

  • New line was added to the Forum Community Guidelines: Any kind of advertisement is off limits. Exceptions are: Media Lounge, Tournaments and Looking for Players Subforums -- Twitch channels, Discord servers, Steam/Social groups, etc are allowed there, if those are related to Dead by Daylight.

June 6th

  • Removed the "Vote Down" reaction. It was getting abused and did more harm than good.
  • Added the SSL support to the domain.
  • Removed some of the Badges. Specifically the ones which can not be obtained right now (Get X amount of Likes, etc.)
  • Mobile Version theme has been changed.

June 26th

  • Removed the "Spam" and "Abuse" flag reactions. Due to the settings, those parameters were heavily exploited to get rid of posts some people did not agree on. If you want to report a post, you can still do that and Moderator will resolve your request.

December 7th

  • 'LOL' reaction have been removed.


  • HTTPS/SSL encryption -- this is coming very soon.
  • Adding more tags + more color options for them.
  • Ability for members to delete their own posts and discussions -- not possible in the current state
  • Design improvements.
  • Some localized forums (GER and RU) have problems with specific translated lines (overlapping and inaccuracy). We are aiming to fix that.
  • Bringing localized forums up to speed (some of the Subforums are missing there right now)


  • Custom avatars. This is not a priority right now, but we are exploring some ideas. Expanding default avatar pool, creating a badge of sorts for members who bring valuable discussions to the table to upload their own pictures, etc.
  • Voting System. Specifically "Vote Down" option. We've received your feedback on that and we are going to change the system in one way or another for better forum experience.
  • Account signatures.
  • Mobile version improvements.
  • CSS style applied to Devs/Mods posts (name color or posts outlines)
  • 'Return to the top' button.
  • Some sort of a 'Most Popular' tab under 'Discussions' menu.
  • Dark Mode implementation for the mobile version of the forum.
  • Making the "E-mail confirmation needed" message more noticeable.
  • Ability to send a private message to another member. Note: This feature was activated at launched and mods/devs were getting spammed right away. We are going to look into this and try to come up with the solution that will satisfy your needs.
  • OP/TS tag that shows on comments of a person who started the discussion.
  • 'Confirm My E-mail Address' link is non-clickable for some users.
  • Adding a seen by a dev / mod feature
  • Add a OP flag for the Original post creator

Thank you VERY much for your feedback and suggestions!
If you got any more of those, please keep them coming here -- http://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/forum-feedback

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  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,083

    February 20-21st, 2020

    The long awaited forum update is finally here! Visual changes are already rolling out with new features soon to follow.

    • Integrating new theme (including mobile site).
    • Added a banner at the top of the page (desktop only). This is hidden in a discussion to save space.
    • Added links to Official Dead by Daylight accounts in the footer (desktop only).
    • Added a "Back to top" button (mobile only).
    • Removed some redundant buttons.
    • Removed category following.
  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,083
    edited March 9

    March 9th, 2020

    • Updated bug reports section.
    • Enabled the Info Center.

    Bug reports have been merged into one category. You can now vote up bugs that you are also experiencing to make sure we see them. Bugs will also have statuses on them to let you know whether or not we've reviewed them. For more information, click here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/kb/articles/149-how-to-report-a-bug

    The Info Center is a new section of the forums where you can find all sorts of useful information, such as patch notes, troubleshooting tips, and more. Articles in this section have headings that you can click on to jump to specific sections. For instance, if you just want to see balance changes in the patch notes, click on "Balance" and it'll jump straight to them.

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