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The Survivors' Age

LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 528

I wondered how old our Survivors are when they were taken. I assume that the characters do not age once chosen by the Entity for The Realm is beyond the rules of space and time.

Dwight: 30-35 (2000s)

Meg: 20 (2000s)

Jake: 25 (2010s)

Claudette: 22 (1995-2005)

Nea: 20 (2000s)

Laurie: 17 (1978)

Ace: 50 (1970s)

Feng: 20 (2010s)

David: 25 (2010s)

Quentin: 17/18 (2010)

Tapp: 50 (2004)

Kate: 30 (2010s)

Adam: 30 (1990s)

Jeff: 25-30 (2010s)

Jane: 40 (2010s)

Bill: 60 (2010s)

Sorry when I made a mistake with the licensed characters. I only know the Halloween and old Nightmare on Elm Street Series. I just guessed their age.


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