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Killers Need A Buff?



  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 53

    Really? Granted I play Billy but I haven't had issues with SWF, some killers need a boost but not to the point where survivors have almost nothing left, removing even more pallets are a bad thing considering there are like 8 in a map at max, also removing SWF is stupid because there would be no communication. Also didn't provide ideas for a buff to any killer so you tried but D-

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,446
  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 8,048

    @ShyN3ko I played pig in high ranks last rank reset and still did well, of course I didn’t win every game but I was able to keep an offensive and defensive play style in order to stall the game.

  • VCDiamondFinderVCDiamondFinder Member Posts: 53

    You seem like a Pig main, so lemme break it down for you, she's isn't as strong as she used to be which is true, but when you have 4 head traps and a limited amount of time to get them off, it made playing survivor so much harder then it needed to be, she doesn't need the ability to have all 4 survivors in head traps with the in ability to leave without dying, complete gens without dying and paired with NOED and Ruin made the game all that less fun against Pig. Also I have a friend who plays Pig abd has played her at the Red and Purple ranks and he says he has no problem dealing with survivors

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