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How to play legion better

So I'm a legion main and, although I get some pretty good games, I just feel like I'm not using legions powers to its fullest and would very much like some tips on how to play legion better.


  • How do you feel that you are not using the power to its fullest?

  • Hunter_of_HoneyHunter_of_Honey Member Posts: 3

    I basically only use feral frenzy to get to far away generators that the survivors are working on because its harder to hit all of them when legion was nerfed. Im also using the basic legion perks and would like to know which perks work best for them and the add ons as well.

  • Ok. I wouldn't suggest using the power to get to gens because walking normally is better. You should use his power to get a first hit before starting a chase, and if there are 2 or more survivors next to each other. Next to each other. Remember that. You can't catch survivors in killer instinct if they are only 16 meters away, and you can be looped for barely the duration of feral frenzy. Simply there is no point in using his power right now except for specific situations where you can use it to hit both a rescuer and waste borrowed time.

    For perks i would suggest using the generic m1 killer build which is enduring spirit fury ruin bbq, but you can try save the best for last and use the power to farm tokens. Third seal also works with his power.

    He sucks against survivors who know what they're doing and also swf groups.

  • Hunter_of_HoneyHunter_of_Honey Member Posts: 3

    Thank you! All that was helpful and I'll that out

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    I like to use Legion's power to waste their borrowed time and ignore their bodyblocks after an unhook. That makes them soooo mad.

    Also, never forget to hit the last hooked survivor continuosly with Feral Frenzy, it does not stop until it depletes on its own and it's very funny.

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