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New Killer Ideas

I am a big Batman Fan.
And Getting a Clown reminds me of another Killer Concept
This such a great concept that it makes me wonder why they haven’t done this already.
I have no Ideas for His/Her Power.


[Enter Project Awakening Killer Idea]


Now I know what you’re gonna Say and The “Doctor” is even my Favorite Killer in the Game.
But he reminds me more of a Mad Scientist with shocking Powers
Just turn him into THE SCIENTIST and create an actual Doctor.
Btw bEHAVIOR if you read this I think you did a great Job so far Seriously and tell the Designer(s) of the Doctor that they did a great Job

We have to interrupt the Show for an important message:
Please change the color grading of the Game since it is a bit too bright for a Horror Game
Make it look like in the Console Launch Trailer
Also can you give the Doctor a Coat with Sleeves and the same goes for the P2 Coat thanks

Now we’re back with the usual Program


Same as the Doctor:
Change the “Hag”s Name into THE WENDIGO and make a Killer that has a Power that Involves Spells (however not that important)

If you read this share your Ideas
Thank you and good luck in the Fog


  • aras1377aras1377 Member Posts: 56

    the names and characters wont be change in the game , but an option to create your own killer or suvivor would be nice , i think kilers like pyramid head from silent hill,slender and proxy from slender game, and evil within monsters is good and scary

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