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Update the Freddy teleport cancel for a QOL change

Currently you can accidentally start teleporting to the gen you did not want to teleport to intentionally, and should you immediately cancel the teleportation (Blood doen't start spewing out and Freddy's husk doesn't appear) your power goes on a full cancel cooldown.

A really nice QOL change for the Freddy would be making it so the cooldown you get from cancelling your teleport is based on how much your teleportation bar was filled at the moment of cancelling. @Peanits This shouldn't be hard to implement, right?


  • TheLastSpectreTheLastSpectre Member Posts: 21

    The problem is that would also allow Freddy to spam fake teleports on gens, making it much harder for survivors to pinpoint where he's actually going to end up and spooking them off the gen.

  • SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204

    Read my whole statement, or read it again, I specifically said to scale the cooldown based on how much the bar was filled.

    During the first half of second, the first pump of blood goes out of the generator, and a pool of blood appears in the place where Freddy is going to teleport, if Freddy were to start teleporting to generator, and immediately cancel it, either the first pump of blood won't happen at all, or if the survivor is paying close attention, he's going to notice that transmission immediately stopped.

    If Freddy is going to start teleporting to a gen, almost fill the bar, and then cancel, the power is going to go on a default cooldown like is does right now (Blood keeps pumping, Freddy's husk appears, fully stands up, the blood skin changes to his character model, and if Freddy cancels it right at that moment, the Freddy husk falls through the floor, by that time a survivor could've been scared enough for him to run away and perhaps lose line of sight with a generator to notice Freddy isn't actually there)

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