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How To Legion- a beginner guide

xnes_galaxxnes_galax Member Posts: 149
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Hello! I’m Galax. I am a PS4 player with probably around 2k hours. I mainly play killer, but I like to switch side sometimes. This is my first DBD guide (well, my first guide in general tbh) and I decided to talk about one of my favourite killers: The Legion


A lot of people refer to Legion as "one of the worst killers" or "a boring and useless killer". I'm here to show you that they are W-R-O-N-G.


Why you should play Legion?

They are a high risk, high reward killer. Winning with them is very satisfying because it requires skill and concentration. Their playstyle is very different from the majority of killers, so if you want something new that isn't META they are a great pick.


They are a Blood Point and Emblem Point machine. Deviousness, hunting, and brutality will be filled in basically every match.

Malicious and chaser emblems are almost free Iridescents every time.


So let's start with an overall view of what this killer does.


The Legion is a base killer with a 32m terror radius and 4.6m/s (115%) movement speed. During a Frenzy, they move at 5.0m/s (125%). they are also the shortest killer in the game for now. This can be useful in chases since the survivors won’t be able to see you during a loop with tall obstacles.


Their power is Feral Frenzy, and it allows you to run faster as well as vault windows and pallets. Any survivors you hit during the Frenzy are put into deep wounded status effect and this means they won't do anything until they heal from it. Healing from it take 15 seconds, which is rouglhy 1/5 of the time required to complete a generator. That's your main tool to slow the game down.

Hitting someone also give you the Killer Instinct effect, and you’ll know where all survivors inside your Terror Radius are. That's of course you main tracking tool. Feral Frenzy lasts 10 seconds by default, and it take 20 seconds to fully charge up. 


So what we know for now is that The Legion is a killer with a power that help for slowing the game and finding people, as well as a bit of movement speed. All of that suggests that The Legion is a Defensive Killer.


As a Defensive Killer you’re not supposed to stay in a chase all the time, you apply pressure by making harder for survivors to complete generators and by keeping them injured. Their movement speed and aggressive nature of their ability does suggest otherwise, which trips many people up.


So how do you play defensively? Firstly, you need to know how to play each phase of the game: The Early, Mid and End game phases.


When a match begins, you want to patrol all of the generators. From my experience, survivors never spawn on the furthest generator form you; so I would suggest to check the farther generators not directly in your path. To clarify, to the left or right sides, in case my wording isn’t clear.


Anyways, once you have found your first victim, you can activate your frenzy, hit them and go away. Yes, you will run to another generator until your Killer Instinct procs and you find your next target. You likely won’t make it to them in time before your power runs out, but just being there means they cant work on their generator, so that’s already at LEAST 2 survivors that aren't doing anything to escape.


This is your early game pressure. Now you gotta keep it up.

Chase this survivor until you get the first hit, with or without Feral Frenzy, then go to another generator. The more you play, the easier it will be to predict what generators will have survivors on them.


Things start getting trickier when you enter the Mid Game. You have a ton of pressure, but that's gonna be worthless if you don't start killing someone. But how are you supposed to kill people if you have to run from one gen to another? The answer is right in your route.

If you played correctly, now most survivors are injured and they have two sensible choices: working on generators or healing themselves up.


If you find a survivor doing a generator injured, you’ll probably want to commit to the chase. If you think you can get the hit on them quickly (10-20 seconds) engage and hook them, otherwise scare them off and try to make them waste a pallet before leaving. If people are healing, you can afford to spend more time on a single target and even just getting rid of some pallets is all you need. The next time, they won't have a place to run, and this also prepares the map for the End Game phase.


Doing this will make the mid-game last always longer. The more people you hook, the less on generators. Less survivors on generators means more time to spend breaking pallets and killing people. This until you get your first kill. At this point, if there are more than 3 generators to do, the win is almost guaranteed, otherwise, you are probably getting into the End Game.


What you do now will decide how the game will end. It's time to ramp it up and get your second kill, so do whatever you need to do to get that. Sacrifice a generator? Tunneling? Choosing the easiest target? Do it. Get This Kill. It is CRUCIAL to victory.


Now you are likely in one of two scenarios.

They have powered the gates, and this means you aren't probably going to get more than a 3k. Don't take this as a failure. Just think about what happened and how you can ensure it doesn’t happen again. 


In the second scenario, they haven't powered the gates. Two survivors can't escape if the gates aren't powered, mostly even if they only need one more gen to go. Patrol them, hit them, and SLUG them if you really want the 4k. Your Killer Instinct will help you find them both, as long as the deep wound effect has either subsided or already taken its course. At this point the match is basically yours. Just make sure to carry them both away from the hatch before hooking one to make sure that the other one doesn’t slip away.


As I said, The Legion is a killer that requires a lot of effort to be played correctly. You’ll need to dedicate a bit to them to learn them, so don’t cold turkey quit them if you don’t succeed the first time.


Now you know all the important stuff about The Legion, but I can give you some more tips to make learning them a little smoother.


1. Relax and ignore chat so you don’t get tilted.

This can apply to any killer and any game. Getting tilted will just make you play worse, and learn less. What I do is imagine that i'm not the guy who is playing, but I'm a sort of commentator on the match; Highlighting the good and bad moves. Explaining why this strategy worked and/or why this failed. This works for me but it may not work for everyone. Give it a spin if you want to, or not.


2. Target the easiest prey. 

You need a kill, no matter who has to die. But my suggestion is to kill the "worst" survivor. The one that keeps screwing up and is the easiest to get. They have the same repair speed as the best survivors in the game, so the one you kill won't matter, as long as you do it quickly.


3. Know when a chase is not worth the time.

This is also important with all killers, an average complete chase should last around 45 seconds, but since you want to chase only injured people, your ideal chase last around 20 seconds. You can tell how long a chase will take before even starting it by checking the surrounding of the survivor. There are a lot of safe pallets? There is a good window? And by your previous chases. Is he good? He has a perk that could extend the chase? 

Through experience you will be able to estimate the time of a chase before even committing it, but if you have started it and then you realize that it isn't worth the time. There’s nothing stopping you from dropping it. Just go away and find another moment or place. 


4. Know what gen to defend. 

There are clearly easier generators to defend and harder ones. If the gen is on another floor, or if you can't see it without getting really close, it isn't an easy generator to defend. Focus on the others, and always keep an eye for the 3 closest ones. You could need to 3 gen them at the end of the match.


5. Don't waste time.

Sometimes, you will face odd situations, and you won't really know which is the best choice, but the worst thing you can do is wasting time thinking too much. If you can't figure out the best move in time, just pick one. Just do something. The next time you end up in this situation, you will already know what to do. 


6. Follow your instinct.

Sometimes, you just have a strange feeling. For some reason you think someone is behind this tree, or inside this locker. Sometimes you think that you have heard a breath. If it happens, check. Open the locker, look behind the tree, listen. What I have learned from my trials is that following your instinct more will surprise you.



There is a list of perks that I personally find good on The Legion, but anything that fits the defensive mobility style is fine.


Surveillance: A lot of people tend to underrate this perk, but it’s great to know what generators are NOT getting worked on. If you walk near a generator, kick it. This will allow you to see if they come back. Plain and simple.


Overcharge: Against really good survivors, this isn't going to make them miss skill checks, but it does prevent survivors from tapping generators. This is really useful when you are contesting a generator and they keep coming back to tap it and stop regression. This perk works well in combo with surveillance, because the counter to surveillance is literally tap the generator and go away to lure the killer to come back.


Sloppy Butcher: There isn't much to say about it. You’re gonna stab them a lot, and they are gonna heal a lot. One of the best perks to run on Legion.


BBQ: Double deviousness blood points and aura reading. This allows you to waste less time possible checking unworked generators.


Pop Goes the Weasel: Probably the best game slowing perk that we have as of 3.1.0. Works really well with BBQ and/or overcharge.


Ruin : I'm not a big fan of this perk, but I can't ignore the fact that is a great option to slow the early phase of the game. Legion is wonderful on doing that by themselves, enhancing this ability would make almost impossible to complete a generator in the first minutes of a match.


Discordance: This works both as an info perk and as a game slowing perk. If you see two or more people that are on a gen, run and stab them. If they guess that you are using this perk, it will never activate again in the match, but this also means all generators are getting repaired by a single person.

Is a win-win situation for you.


Thanatophobia: This perk don't do that much by itself, but combined with a lot of survivors constantly injured and Sloppy Butcher, it can really annoy your opponents.


A Nurse's Calling: This perk can be really handy to have because it will allow you find easy targets without wasting time looking for them. They are gonna heal a lot, so you are gonna see them a lot! And even if you don't see them, this gives you some information. They aren't healing near a generator, meaning they will take longer to come back to it.


We are almost there, but you need to know what add- ons are the best for The Legion. Of course, like the perk section, this is based on my personal experience, and you can prefer some add ons over these. That's fine. Try everything and use what you find more useful for you.


There are some groups of add-ons

Frenzy Duration: Really, really good. More frenzy duration means more distance in frenzy, so more chance to refill it by hitting someone or to reach a distant generator with your Killer Instinct.


Killer Instinct Detection Range: These add-ons are certainly useful. More detection range means that you will detect people even outside of your terror radius, so they won't know that you are coming and you can also check generators from a greater distance.


Power Recovery Speed: These addons are really good. Combined with Frenzy Duration your mobility is drastically increased.


Power Cooldown: These add ons were used to be some of the strongest, but since the nerf, they don't really do much now. Worth some testing anyways.


The Pins: These add ons are a big NO. Stab the same survivor two times for a status effect that last 60 seconds? What you want to do is hit them and sprint away to someone else..x the Pins are a direct nerf to your power.


Mending time: These can be good. More mending time is more time that they have to spend away from generators, but since mending isn't considered healing, they aren't the best.


And then we have some unique add-ons.


Stab Wound Study: Since the rework, this isn't gonna do much. The mending bar won't go down in your terror radius or if they are actually mending so they probably won't even notice it. Remember that your power isn't for killing, but to keep them busy.


Frank's Mixtape: No. Don't even take it from your bloodweb. This one is even worse than the Pins. You have to hit someone in Frenzy 6 times, and each time you have to wait for the power to fully charge up. Not worth it at all in my opinion.


Iridescent Button: Now, if you just read the description, this is fantastic, but I’ve noticed that you aren't really able to detect people in the entire map with Killer Instinct. I'm sure this is a bug. So, as long as it stays in the game, the potential of this perk is really hindered by it. Be cautious.


Fuming Mixtape: Try it. The effectiveness kind of varies on the user and the scenario. With a trained eye you can find generators that you can predict survivors will be completing soon, and gain an upper hand.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide makes your Legion experience a little better.

I also want to give an Huge thank to my friend Plesin. He helped me a lot with the english of this guide since is not my first language.

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  • OrangeWolf3OrangeWolf3 Member Posts: 3

    Great guide. I can't wait to try it. Never liked Legion much, so I never took the time to learn much about that killer. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 594

    I love Legion. ❤️ They're my favorite killer to play as. They're not perfect, but they're a lot of fun imo.

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 112

    thanks this guide is quite useful, as i didn't even bother playing the new legion.

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 112

    until now

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