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I'm Getting DC's For Playing Freddy?!


  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    Hey man, it got OG Freddy and Legion nerfed. If it ain't broke...

  • NeskaNeska Member Posts: 132

    I can understand if survivors don't enjoy playing against Freddy 9/10 games.. If they dc just because they lost/got downed etc though, I can't.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,807

    I got one today because the survivor was scared of running through snares.

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 655

    Exciting, but it gets boring to play vs. the same killer again and again

  • Remi1993Remi1993 Member Posts: 83

    Its always like that, they will get bored playing Freddy and get back to normal.

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