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Hex Perks Redesign

Now, I am not the only person I know of to think that Hex perks are ludicrously weak. They often are broken immediately.

So I have a little bit of a solution:

A Lingering Curse.

This would not be a perk. This would be an aftereffect for all Hex Perks. It would NOT be as strong as the active perk, but it would try to make it so the spot isn't useless after 30 seconds (Ruin).

I'll go through each Hex perk:

Hex: Ruin: When the hex totem is broken, great skill checks still have a 0% regression penalty, and there is an increased regression penalty for missing a skill check. However, good skill checks now are like Great ones. That way, Ruin still slows the game down.

Hex: Third Seal: When this totem is broken, Every 60 seconds, one survivor will lose the blindness status effect until every survivor no longer blinded.

Hex: Devour Hope: When this totem is broken, you will slowly lose tokens until back to 0. 1 token for every 120 seconds.

Hex: Huntress' Lullaby: Keep the Regression Penalty and audio cue thing until all totems are gone, and Lose one token for each remaining totem on the map.

Hex: Haunted Ground: Make the effect last until all totems are gone.

Hex: NOED: Make the speed boost a passive thing that needs no totem.

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: Make the Bloodpoints passive, and for each totem destroyed give a token instead of how many totems are left. That way you get more bloodpoints if the survivors get greedy, instead of being denied points. Also, gain a notification of whenever someone is working on ANY totem, not just Hex totems.

If you think that this list needs some changes, I'll be open to input. However, I don't really want survivor mains complaining about this. You will always destroy my ruin in the first 30 seconds.


  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 209

    I like the idea of making hex perks more consistant. However, if these aftereffects were added, the perks would most likely have to see number nerfs in the active state which would go against the high-risk-high-reward thing that they're supposed to do. There are also games in which Ruin stays active for a long time and basically leads to an auto-win. And with harder-to-find totem spawns coming in every other patch, it seems like the devs want to keep that coinflip in the game while decreasing the coin's weight offset, figuratively speaking.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,434

    I understand. However, there are still many maps and matches where their spawns are in the most obvious spots.

    In most games I've been in though, survivors will cleanse all the totems as soon as the game starts, so I think that for situations like that.

    I admit, maybe haunted grounds doesn't need this, since it already has the definition of a Lingering Curse, but it's frustrated when NOED doesn't activate. Or when they destroy all your totems for Thrill of the Hunt. It's more for those situations than anything else.

    Like with ruin, it's easier to get skill checks, however great skill checks don't complete gens faster anymore. It's worth it to still break the totem, but the perk still has worth even if broken at the start of the match.

    At least, that's my thinking.

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