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Bug during the end game

FaigeFaige Member Posts: 2
in PC

Before the time to escape for survivors was over, I carried the last one but I didn't have the time to hook him the entity won, but there is a problem - I release the survivor to let the entity do his job but finally, the survivor didn't die and I couldn't do anything apart move ... I was forced to disconnect from the game but I lost a lot of bloodpoints and a rank point (I don't know the exact name because I'm French). This is very frustrating because I killed all survivors and I greeded for more points, to have to disconnect at the end because of a bug ...

I hope this bug can be deleted from the game and I write this post to prevent all killers from doing what I did.


  • FairyFairy Member Posts: 4

    ye I had it too. Vondy has post a video of it on the forum.

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