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Something in Regards to the Clown and how he's Designed

se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

There's something I'd like to know when it comes to the Clown.

The Clown's a pretty sizable lad, right? And most people here know that he's lacking a lot of strength in a lot of departments outside of using his gas to get easy hits or forcing survivors to throw pallets. His complete and total lack of map pressure in particular hurts him a lot.

So why exactly is it that he's the only killer in the entire game that makes a loud distinct noise when performing breaking and vaulting actions? If people aren't aware, Clown makes a noticeable "hnnghh" noise whenever he kicks a pallet or vaults through a window.. which removes any sort of mind-gaming potential he could have had around certain loops, like the shack. Not even the Nurse have such a sound and she can blink through walls! She doesn't even have footstep sounds..

If he has the noise because he's a well-built fellow, then other killers should have their unique noise in regards to how they're designed.. Like a noticeable hum from Hillbilly's chainsaw that survivors could use to judge distance with. And if the choice to have him make noise when vaulting was to give him innate counterplay due to his own perk Bamboozle (which has a unique sound already with the window getting blocked off), then that's no reason to add a noticeable "aha!" noise to Nurse when she sees an aura of a survivor. You catch my drift?

I know you're probably sleeping well and sound, @Peanits, but if you know the reason to this.. feature, I'd love to know. What do you all other people think?


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