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Hair Physics

MaxdudlyMaxdudly Member Posts: 2

Okay fellas, I'm not very familiar with these forums and I've never made a post before, but I'm pretty upset with this hairstyle update and wanted to discuss.

Sure, they made some of the hairstyles look nicer and I'm not sure what of all hairstyles were affected, but they also seem to have removed most of the physics from most of them and or completely changed the look of them.

Normally this wouldn't upset me as much but most of these hairstyles are on DLC characters or cosmetics, so I'm upset that something I liked and paid for was changed.

I've seen some other people upset about Nea's green hair, Claud's, and even Feng's hairs, but for me I'm really upset about Jane's ponytail and all of Kate's hairstyles. Like I said I'm not sure what all they touched, and I know Kate's hair was pretty bad and the updated hair really does look better. But it doesn't move, its play-doh on her head. That's a downgrade.

Why were all these other hairstyles changed though?

Look I know it's a really stupid thing to get upset over but these visual customization's that I paid for have been changed. I bought Kate because I loved her hair and I bought one of Jane's cosmetics because I loved her ponytail, but they have changed them. It makes me want a refund, since what I bought isn't what was advertised anymore, and it makes me not want to buy any other cosmetics. I’m just one customer. I know. and I don't expect a refund but I'm complaining here, sisters.

I love this game. I'm all for supporting it and things being updated. I don't have a problem with cosmetics either, but these updated hairstyles really do look downgraded to me.

In the end, i'm upset about the loss of physics on my favorite hairstyles.

Im guessing a few people might already agree with me, but i'm also ready to discuss other viewpoints

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