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Please properly utilize PTB and make it more to test the game than a sneak peak...

VoxxedVoxxed Member Posts: 14

As of now it just serves as a sneak peak for what's coming but not as a way to test the game outside of a short week or so. Within the last patch the following things are broken:

  • Dead Hard is extremely broken sometimes not moving the character at all
  • Pallets are not properly activating though the action button is spammed
  • Killers are reaching well beyond the range of windows (of course this is latency based FOR SOME and hopefully be remedied when dedicated servers come out in 2025, but other times there are instances when it feels like the kill has twice the reach on windows)
  • Healing is busted as hell
    • Healing bars are going down for no reason and taking longer to heal someone than intended.
  • Unable to use the exit sometimes
  • The un-cleansable totem

Some of these glitches are literally game breaking and should not be in the game. I get that an online service based game will have bugs once in a while but it seems that BHVR is so desperate to put out new content in a bid to stay relevant (no offense, but without new content games get stale that's the way the gaming industry is) that they are just pushing QA aside until the problems become too much.

Stop pushing out patches from PTB without proper testing, it makes it look like you're only using the PTB as a way to promote new killers and new things to buy via streamers.


  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 3,746

    So you want the PTB to be available for more than a week? That wouldn't change anything.

    Players only play the PTB for a few days, afterwards they switch back to the normal game anyway. Personally, I don't know anybody who plays the PTB for the full 7 days.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,253

    They actually DO tweek things based off PTB feedback. One example from this most recent PTB was making it easier to place Freddy's dream snares. Ppl tried it on ptb, and commented that the snares were kinda a pain to use due to the tendency of not working at all if you try using it on uneven terrain or pretty much anything... They went in and made it kinda stick to the last suitable spot.

  • VoxxedVoxxed Member Posts: 14

    Soooooo they take feedback from the PTB but they're just awful developers and break their own game is what you're saying?

  • Ark_the_BonsaiArk_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 862

    It's more that, because the ptb always accompanies a new killer (or in this case, a rework), people don't actually report anything that is not immediately related to that specific killer. It's not the devs using it as just a sneak peak, it's the players doing that. If the devs don't receive feedback on something they can't exactly fix it. All of the bugs and issues you mentioned here were barely touched on until the ptb was out because no one cared unless it was about Freddy.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 906

    The PTB is largely (but not exclusively) a publicity thing to boost sales

    See: Second Ghost Face PTB, which was extended to the weekend because the first PTB release was very broken. The DLC released on the Tuesday after. While it is possible that the devs actually worked the weekend and took the feedback from this extended PTB into account it seems very unlikely

    Additionally you can't exactly force people try every perk to discover that they are broken (this is refering to your Dead Hard example), see also the bug where Tinkerer 2 permanently removed the terror radius

    The QA seems competent but they are not given enough time, or there is not enough time alloted for the bugs to be fixed before releases.The higher-ups appear to only care about $$$ so they rush content, again, see Ghost Face PTB

    When the company was still owned by Starbreeze there was someone to blame for the rushed releases, but now it seems more like Starbreeze was not the (only) problem

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,253

    Alot of times, perks and such that get broken, are either very underused, or are broken in a weird way. Wake up for example isnt a perk alot of ppl are going to bother using on a PTB that has nothing to do with Wake up. The tinkerer 2 thing ONLY occured on the 2nd rank of tinkerer, meaning ppl who already had tinkerer 3 or who dont use perks until they have the 3rd rank of them are very unlikely to ever notice. Alot of testing in the PTB also takes place in KYF mode, which provides only the rank 3 versions of perks.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 906

    Which is why automated testing exists and there is a very high chance the devs are already using it. Either they are not (properly) using it or they are rushing content out the door because they have no pride in the quality of their own work (or their standards are just incredibly low) or because they want $$$

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,253

    The testing from the PTB is only going to catch things that the players experience and report about in the PTB. Issues that happen to certain killers on specific parts of maps (every nurse technical difficulty known to man...), specific ranks to certain perks, ect... are very likely to fly under the radar of the ppl playing on the PTB unless its about the new stuff.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    That's understandable and still missing dead hard should be difficult.

    Loads of people use it, it took me 6 games to realise.

    Although, I need to say that I hadn't noticed the dh bug during the ptb.

    Maybe it wasn't even there, now the question is dh wasn't touched, why is it bugged?

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,253

    No clue. Plenty of bugs have occured to perks and addons after a patch that werent suppose to have anything to do with it. The Wake up bug comes to mind atm.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 906

    Probably internal tests to try out possibly changes to those perks, but the changes were not rolled back (properly) in time for the release of the next patch

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    But dh now doesn't dash at all sometimes, that a bit too much of a nerf haha

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 906

    By changes I didn't mean only nerfs and buffs but also mechanical changes. Maybe they wanted to rewrite the Dead Hard code to be more efficient or something along those lines but [BAD WORD] up horribly and now it sometimes doesn't work. It could also be because of changes to general movement code. Code changes in general sometimes like to break things you would never expect to be broken from your changes

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